Discover the magic of dreams with Riot’s new short story featuring Lillia

Keep your dreams alive.

Image via Riot Games

In Riot Games’ latest short story, League of Legends‘ newest champion Lillia has taken center stage as readers experience how she retrieves new dreams for her Mother Tree—without being seen since she’s too shy.

The story starts off with a small child heading into a forest, crying and clutching a small doll in her arms. Lillia, meanwhile, is close by and ready to help coax the dream out of the sad little girl.

Image via Riot Games

As the girl sits down to cry, clouds of dust-like pollen drift toward her from the flower that hangs from Lillia’s branch. The child eventually falls asleep and drops her doll, allowing Lillia to send out a little dream sprite to try and coax out the girl’s dream from her mind. But the dream wouldn’t come out.

Lillia suddenly realizes that to activate the girl’s dream, she must be touching the doll. Against her own instincts, the Bashful Bloom picks up the doll and places it into the girl’s arms. Instantly, her dream appears in a wonderful swirl of color and Lillia now understands.

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The little child’s dream is of her sister, who chose to join the army. She misses her dearly and needs her love. Although the sister might not return any time soon, the girl’s dreams will never let her be lonely. She’ll always have her sister in her mind and heart, and that’s why dreams are so magical.

“Perhaps when the child returns, she will pick one of these flowers,” Lillia said. “And know that in her heart—though it can’t be held—the love of her sister will always bloom.”

Lillia is now available in League. She’s ready to put your opponents to sleep and win you some games on Summoner’s Rift.