League player showcases how Lillia can full clear all 6 jungle camps without a leash by the time Scuttle spawns

And you'll still be full health and have one Smite left.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends’ newest champion certainly knows her way around the jungle.

A League player dove into the Practice Tool to figure out an optimal jungle clear for Lillia, posting their findings today. Without a leash, the savvy fan finished all six camps by the three minute and 17-second mark.

The player put a point into Lillia’s Q first and started at red buff, kiting it toward Raptors. When junglers don’t have a leash, they can use a nifty trick to proc the health restoration from Hunter’s Talisman from Raptors. Despite not actually killing the feral birds right away, you can still heal a lot by damaging all of them at the same time.

After killing Red Brambleback, the player put a point into W and moved toward Krugs. The fan kept hitting the camps with the outer circle of Q to deal true damage while using Lillia’s Prance passive to efficiently kite the monsters.

The player then returned to Raptors again, this time finishing them off quickly with Lillia’s AoE damage. Finishing the camp gets you level three, and you should put a second point into Q for more damage.

Players can then finish with Wolves, blue buff, and Gromp, kiting each camp toward the next one for maximum efficiency. And since mana might be a bit low around this time, players can Smite blue buff to kill it quicker.

By the time all six camps are cleared, players should have a Smite left over and full health with Rift Scuttler just spawning.

The fan also outlined all the runes they use on Lillia, consisting of Dark Harvest, Cheap Shot, Eyeball Collection, Ravenous Hunter in the Domination tree and Cosmic Insight and Magical Footwear from the Inspiration tree. They also run the attack speed, ability power, and armor runes.