Concept artist creates wholesome Untitled Goose Game Anivia skin for League of Legends

This may be the ultimate crossover.

Image via Riot Games

The recent release of Untitled Goose Game seemingly has the entire internet talking. And since the stealth game allows its players to embrace their inner troll, UGG’s influence has unsurprisingly permeated the League of Legends community. Concept artist and League fan Nebura has combined the two games into one perfect skin concept for Anivia.

Nebura shared the image of Untitled Goose Anivia on Twitter today. The image shows Anivia, who has really just been replaced by the star of UGG, with a list of objectives to complete. The list includes stealing the jungler’s first blue buff, blocking Kled’s ultimate in the river, and interrupting an opponent while they attempt to summon the Rift Herald—all goals perfectly suitable for League trolls.

Anivia already has a few skins that redesign her as different birds. Festival Queen reimagines the Cryophoenix as a beautiful peacock-like creature, while Bird of Prey Anivia features the mid laner as a bald eagle. But Anivia is missing a waterfowl-themed concept from her collection of skins. It may be a bit silly to design a look for the champion around a waddling little goose, but that’s what makes the crossover so wholesome.

This isn’t the first time fans of UGG have designed character concepts for the goose. Just yesterday, one fan of the goose game shared a fighter concept for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate featuring the waterfowl in all its glory. The goose honks at people, flaps its wings, and summons a horde of townsfolk by stealing a radio and running across the stage with it.

It’s pretty much guaranteed the Untitled goose won’t be making its debut in Smash Ultimate or League any time soon. But by stealing radios, women’s underwear, and key rings, the goose has stolen the internet’s hearts—and fans of the series can’t help but theorize what crossovers for their favorite games may look like.