Super Smash Bros. fan creates Untitled Goose Game fighter concept

Fans are already dreaming of a crossover.

Image via House House

With the recent success of House House’s Untitled Goose Game, a talented member of the Super Smash Bros. community has already drawn mock ups of what the titular goose would look like in Smash Ultimate. 

As with all characters in Smash, every move, special or otherwise, is based on some aspect of the game that the character is representing. This lends itself perfectly to a cartoonish game like UGG, even though the chances of this crossover happening is nearly non-existent. 

The Untitled Goose

All of the alternate skins (outside of the goose with a ribbon and another with a bottle over his beak) are just different colors that don’t make an appearance in UGG. This isn’t an uncommon factor in other characters’ designs, so it makes sense in the case of the goose. 

Image via u/evilsnowcookie

Taunts can be based on actions from the game or just generally cute motions. Catching a ring out of the air and taking naps don’t necessarily happen in the game, but most people will just honk anyways. 

Special moves

Image via u/evilsnowcookie

Neutral B being a simple honk that knocks opponents back and deals low damage is great. If this could potentially slow down projectiles, or have a secondary effect that makes it travel further, it could work really well in Smash Ultimate

A charge attack doesn’t fit the goose well, but if it is needed to fill out the moves it would be fine. As long as it is better than Corrin’s, which the creator of this graph compares it to, it should be serviceable. 

Simply giving Untitled Goose an Up B like Pit’s wouldn’t be worthy of the infuriating nature of the character. The Reddit user seemed to know this, giving the move downward knockback capabilities that could lead in a lot of gimps and combo setups. 

Lastly, Down B serves as a counter of sorts. The goose puts down an anti-goose sign that will counter physical moves and reflect projectiles, much like Joker’s reflect when he has Arsen. The move is simple but works and fits the Smash tradition of just fleshing out a character by giving them a counter. 

Final Smash

Image via u/evilsnowcookie

For his Final Smash, the goose summons the game’s NPCs, who stampede across the stage from left to right. Those who are caught by the townsfolk are then carried offscreen.

If the Final Smash is going to be all of the villagers from the game rushing after the Untitled Goose and trampling other players, why not have it be because they want to grab the bell back just like in the final mission? It fits the narrative a lot better and would make for a more interesting visual. 

No matter how popular this goose gets, DLC for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is already in development and UGG just came out. Even if it were to achieve some legendary cult status, the timelines and previous pull of characters just don’t add up.