27 November 2017 - 19:08

Cloud9 signs Svenskeren

The team has found their new jungler.
League of Legends Writer
Photo via Riot Games

Cloud9 has seemingly completed its North American League of Legends Championship Series roster with the addition of Dennis "Svenskeren" Johnsen, the team announced earlier today.

Formerly of TSM, Svenskeren has accumulated countless accolades during his two years in North America. Three NA LCS titles, a first-place finish at Rift Rivals, and two World Championship appearances; Svenskeren's time in NA has been successful to say the least.

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But with the accolades came criticism for the jungler. Svenskeren's overly-aggressive play style coupled with TSM's historic struggle to properly play around their jungler made him a target for fans whenever the team lost. This was exemplified during this past World Championship, where TSM failed to advance into the bracket stage.

Despite these criticisms, though, Svenskeren has remained a solid jungler within NA LCS, as his problems were almost only ever exploited on the international stage.

This news comes after Juan "Contractz" Arturo Garcia's surprising departure from Cloud9 last week. Considered one of Cloud9's best players come the World Championship, Contractz is a rising star, who holds a ton of value, being a North American native. According to a report by ESPN, Contractz's contract was bought out by the Golden State Warriors-backed NA LCS team, Golden Guardians.

Cloud9 recently returned from the World Championship, where they finished in the top eight, the best performance out of the three NA LCS teams in attendance.

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