CLG officially introduces Broxah as the team’s starting jungler for 2021

This will be Broxah's second LCS team.

Photo by Oshin Villa Tudayan via Riot Games

After spending a year with Team Liquid, Danish jungler Broxah is heading to CLG for the 2021 competitive League of Legends season, the organization announced today.

The 23-year-old star had a rocky start with Liquid at the beginning of the year. Due to unforeseen visa issues, Broxah wasn’t able to join the roster for the first few weeks of the 2020 Spring Split, which caused the team to lose multiple games through the start of the season.

When he was finally able to join the squad in the U.S., controversy struck when the team’s starting AD carry Doublelift revealed that he was dealing with some motivation issues that eventually pushed the management to bench the star marksman for a short period. With uncertainty swirling, Liquid struggled to find consistent success and ended the split in ninth place with a 7-11 record.

The 2020 Summer Split was much more successful for Liquid, though, after Doublelift was replaced on the main roster with rookie sensation Tactical. With newfound confidence, the team surged to a 15-3 record, which was good enough for first place in the regular season. They were eventually from the playoffs eliminated by TSM, but their ticket to Worlds 2020 was already booked.

The main event group stage started out rough for Broxah and the rest of Liquid, however. Even though they finished with a 3-3 record, they didn’t perform well enough during their first few games to qualify for the knockout stage and the team was sent home early once again.

Meanwhile, CLG hasn’t seen much success since the team won the LCS playoffs in the 2016 Spring Split. With multiple bottom-five finishes over the past four years, this team is looking for a new beginning with some reported additions to the roster, like top laner Finn from Rogue. Broxah will try to help guide this organization to success in 2021.

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