Can you change control buttons in Hextech Mayhem?

It is what it is.

Image via Riot Forge

Throughout the last couple of years, Riot Games has increased the number of games in its repertoire. The developer started with one, and it continues to grow at a fast pace with the help of Riot Forge, a player and developer-focused publisher with a mission to bring new League of Legends games to players.

The developer recently released what it has been working on for the last couple of years, and Hextech Mayhem is one of the stories that League players will enjoy.

Developed by Choice Provisions, Hextech Mayhem features Ziggs. Players will be able to perform bomb-attacks and bomb-jumps to avoid obstacles and disarm enemies. Hextech Mayhem costs $9.99 and it’s available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

While the game itself is quite fun, some PC players may have struggled with the controls. The default controls of Hextech Mayhem on PC are mostly located on the mouse, leaving fans wondering whether they can optimize their controls for a better experience.

As of now, it’s not possible to change the control buttons in Hextech Mayhem, but there are a few alternatives that players can try out.

If you have a spare controller lying around, you can use it to play Hextech Mayhem. Playing Hextech Mayhem with a controller may feel more natural and make the game more enjoyable. If you don’t have a controller that you can use with your PC but would like to buy one, you can pick one out here.

Alternatively, you can also use your keyboard for some of the in-game controls.

  • Space: Up Arrow
  • D: Down Arrow
  • K: Blue Dot

Considering the game just came out, it’s highly likely for developers to add a way to allow players to customize their controls in the near future. When such a feature gets added to the game, you should be able to customize your in-game controls in Hextech Mayhem.