22 November 2016 - 18:00

Camille Champion Guide: Abilities, Playstyle, and More

League of Legend’s newest assassin is out. We took her for a spin.
League of Legends Analyst
Image via Riot Games

League of Legends’ newest champion, Camille, is an assassin in the truest sense of the word, boasting fast movement and attack speed and the ability to drop out of nowhere to surprise opponents. She’s a bundle of fun. Until you find yourself locked in a cage with her.

Riot released Camille just last week in an epic comic. It looks like the developer’s focus on assassins over the last several months has paid off with some nifty new abilities.

Camille was released to the Public Beta Environment yesterday, so we tested her out to see what the leg-blade-wielding cyborg can do.

Her whole kit is based around locking down a solitary member of the enemy team and eliminating that champion. Like other assassins, she has some tools for survivability and can get multi-kills with help from her AOE ability. But ideally, she’d find a squishy, eliminate the target, and get out.

The most unique thing many players will notice about her is the precision required to play her. Most of her abilities rely on high-level positioning and timing mechanics. It takes a while to get used to those aspects of her kit, and it appears she will be another high-skill assassin.

Camille basics

Camille is an AD assassin with a focus on basic attacks and some unique abilities in lane (we predominately tested top lane Camille). One of those is her passive, Adaptive Defenses. Basic attacks on champions grant her a shield against the type of damage that champion uses (physical or magic). This is a great ability to catch someone off guard in trades: run up, auto, proc the shield, and then chase them off the wave.

The ability has a 20 second cooldown, so she can’t abuse it. If her opponent doesn’t track the cooldown, it may allow her to win small trades consistently. She lights up when the passive comes back up, but that can be hard to notice. The passive also gives her a potential itemization advantage: She can use it defensively to fend of opponent engages, allowing her to build glass cannon while surviving in lane.

The skill that most will want to max first (other than her ultimate) is Q, Precision Protocol. Simplistically, it’s a basic attack steroid with multiple procs. But Camille players will want to get used to how to use it’s second proc: cast it too early, and she loses a lot of damage. Wait 1.5 seconds after the first proc, and the damage is increased significantly and converted to true damage.

If Camille invests a handful points invested into Q and builds a healthy amount of cooldown reduction (over 30% or so), her Q is basically off cooldown continuously due to the ability to proc it twice. That’s a lot of damage that scales incredibly well. The steroid and AA reset make her a fast tower taker and potentially devastating split pusher.

And that’s just two of her abilities!

Catching squishies

Camille Comic | Image via Riot Games

Her next two skills, W (Tactical Sweep) and E (Hookshot), have a nice synergy between them. Tactical Sweep damages enemies in a cone. But enemies in the outer half of the cone are also slowed by 90 percent, take extra physical damage (scales off their maximum health), and heals Camille for 100 percent of the damage dealt.

Hitting enemies in the right part of the cone is key. Too close, and the damage is greatly reduced, enemies aren’t slowed, and she doesn’t get the heal. And the heal is key, especially when multiple enemies are around.

Her E, Hookshot, starts as the same ability that Link uses to jet around Hyrule. but after attaching to terrain and pulling herself towards it, she can cast it a second time to dash from that spot. It’s a two-part dash that allows her to maneuver in some very tricky ways. The second cast can also go over walls, making her even more of a threat around key objectives and in the jungle.

Chaining these two abilities together can make life hell for a squishy target. E over a wall, W for the slow, Q a couple times, and they’re dead.

Nowhere to run

All of those tools make her a deadly assassin. But it’s her ultimate that sets her apart as a 1v1 queen. It’s basically League’s version of the UFC octagon (though it’s hexagonal in shape). She leaps onto an enemy champion, knocks away their friends, and locks them in a cage for 4 seconds. In the cage, her basic attacks deal bonus magic damage, include 4 percent of their current health.

After the hexagon is thrown down, anyone can enter or leave, except for the champion targeted. If she leaves, the effect ends. Abilities are allowed, except ones the target would use to escape. lash, ward hop, Arcane Shift?—?none of it works for the target. Once locked in the hexagon, the target is stuck until it ends.

Her other abilities give her creative ways to set up picks with her ultimate. It can be used in the middle of teamfight, but is best saved until she can find a squishy isolated somewhere.

Build paths

Most AD assassin-type builds work on her. Phage-based builds synchronize nicely with the movement speed bonus on her Q. The attack steroid on her Q work nicely with Black Cleaver?—?she already is strong against champions that build health, and Cleaver’s armor reduction can give opponents fits. Sheen into Trinity Force works too for the spellblade proc. Tiamat-based items can be useful for players that want to split push, but they take away from her pure 1v1 potential. Blade of the Ruined King is another fantastic item on her: healing, slows for days, and percent health damage from multiple places make her a monster.

Camille’s burst isn’t as strong as LeBlanc’s or Zed’s. But once she’s found a target, her ability to chase and lock down is unparalleled. Good luck getting away.

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