Best jungle builds in League of Legends’ 2021 preseason

Dominate the enemy junglers and teams with these builds.

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With the recent item rework in the 2021 League of Legends preseason, most players in the jungle are clueless on what to build considering there are no longer jungle items that you have to build toward. Your smite will automatically get upgraded from the starting jungle item, so you can build whatever you want—just like any other laner—without having to invest gold into a specialized jungle item.

This list includes jungle builds for various archetypes that should aid you in deciding what items to rush so you can dominate your games and get a head start in the upcoming season 11 of League.

Here are some of the best preseason jungle builds.

AD assassin


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The runes for AD assassins didn’t go through significant changes. Domination is the tree to go as a jungle assassin with the secondary tree being flexible. You can either aim to get Precision for Triumph alongside Coup de Grace or get Sorcery for the attack damage bonuses.


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AD assassins have become one of the strongest archetypes in the game in multiple lanes following the itemization rework. You can get a lot of lethality from the get-go without having to invest money into upgrading your jungle item. The best lethality item to rush is Duskblade as a Mythic item. It will make you strong and gives you an amazing invisibility effect, allowing you to dance around in teamfights after a takedown.

Mercury’s Treads: These should be your core boots every game for both the additional magic resistance and tenacity granted. But if you’re facing heavy AD-focused compositions, go for Plated Steelcaps instead.

Duskblade of Draktharr: This Mythic item enables you to survive in teamfights easily by getting champion takedowns. They reset the cooldown of the effect, making you invisible for a brief period of time and making your next attack hit harder. It’s a great first item to rush since it increases your direct damage during your ganks.

Youmuu’s Ghostblade: This is a great lethality item to help you move around the map faster. It will allow you to get from one objective to another in less time, shaving off crucial seconds over the course of the entire game.

Edge of Night: This is a decent defensive item with a nice spell shield effect. It allows you to engage on enemies with a small shield to block their first spell. If there are no significant spells to block on the opposing team, however, feel free to get another defensive item such as Hexdrinker.

Serylda’s Grudge: This item is a must against armor-stacking champions. It grants you 30 percent armor penetration alongside 45 attack damage and 20 ability haste, which are three valuable stats. With tanks becoming more prevalent, this item is great to get early on.

Guardian Angel: This is a great defensive item to increase your lifespan and give you some additional AD as well. It’s rushable as a third item.

AP champion


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Domination remains a primary tree for most AP-oriented jungle champions due to the useful runes it has. Dark Harvest with Cheap Shot will give you a lot of extra damage early on, Relentless Hunter will make you move faster around the map, and Eyeball Collection will increase your AP after you get some kills. The secondary Sorcery tree is aimed at making you stronger in the river and faster overall on the map.


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The AP champions in the jungle mimick most mid laners with their build paths now. After losing the ability to upgrade a jungle item, you can focus on purchasing Mythic or Legendary items just like other laners.

Sorcerer’s Shoes: These are a solid boot choice to increase your overall damage. You can rush it as a first item if you’re going for a gank-heavy playstyle. It will increase your overall burst damage, while also making you faster around the map.

Night Harvester: This item is perfect for most AP champions since it doesn’t have a long cooldown and it can be activated against every enemy champion. It allows you to deal a nice amount of burst damage on top of your kit every 40 seconds. The Mythic bonus is great as well, increasing your ability haste for each Legendary item.

Lich Bane: The jungle meta is oriented toward a lot of AP assassin champions, so getting this item to increase your burst damage is a great choice. The combination of Night Harvester with Lich Bane will allow you to burst down most enemies during a gank.

Zhonya’s Hourglass: With so much damage in the game, a defensive item is great to have as an AP jungler. Zhonya’s became cheaper, so you don’t have to tax your laners to purchase it any longer.

Rabadon’s Deathcap: If you’re getting a lot of gold, you can invest in the most expensive AP item to increase your damage by a lot. On certain champions, like Evelynn or Ekko, you can rush it after your Mythic item to make your initial burst even deadlier.

Void Staff: With a lot of tanks in the game, you need this staff to be able to damage them. If your mid laner isn’t doing that well, your team will mostly rely on you from the jungle to carry, so it’s important to be able to deal with all threats.



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With tanks becoming more popular in the jungle, it’s important to know that the Resolve tree is the primary option for most of them. You want to get Aftershock to become an unkillable machine due to its effect for the first couple of seconds of a gank or teamfight. Other notable useful runes are Conditioning alongside Overgrowth to make you stronger the longer the game goes on.

The secondary tree is Inspiration for the free Boots of Speed alongside some Item Haste and Summoner Spell Haste. But against a heavy crowd-control oriented team, going for Precision for Legend: Tenacity and Triumph works wonders as well.


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The latest reworked tank items are quite busted, allowing most champions who can build one or two items from the above list to quickly become a force on the Rift. Sunfire Aegis has been dubbed Funfire Wincape in the community due to how strong it is right now, allowing you to take down most champions with it alone.

Mercury’s Treads: This is a great boot choice to increase your tenacity and magic resist. Against AD champions, aim to get Plated Steelcaps.

Sunfire Aegis: This is one of the most busted items in the game right now. It has a stacking effect on top of its old damage effect, making it strong for any tank champion in the game.

Demonic Embrace: Most tanks, like Zac, Amumu, and Nunu, can acquire this item to allow them to destroy any champion from the opposing team. The stacking damage effect from Sunfire alongside the maximum health damage from this item will make you deadlier than an assassin.

Thornmail: With so many healing effects in the game, it’s important to have some healing reduction—and this item is the best option for that.

Randuin’s Omen: Reworked Randuin’s has a great passive, reducing incoming damage from basic attacks by five per 1,000 max health.

Frozen Heart: This item shares the same passive as Randuin’s, but the AoE attack speed reduction alongside the stats granted by it makes it valuable. You can go for either item or both because of how strong they are.

AD bruiser


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Going for the Precision tree and Resolve secondary has remained a priority for most bruisers. While you could go for Domination for some additional damage early on, most games last more than 25 minutes, making the Resolve tree efficient in the long run.


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The latest Mythic items are beneficial to bruisers, opening up a lot of build paths. You no longer have to rush Trinity Force and instead have a wide array of choices. One of the most highly-sought Mythic items is Goredrinker, which gives you an active similar to Darius Q, making the champion basically obsolete since everyone can have his sustain.

Mercury’s Treads: These are great boots to rush due to the tenacity they give you alongside magic resistance. Due to the fact that you’ll be aiming to get offensive stats, having the additional magic resist to prevent enemy AP champions from blowing you up is crucial.

Goredrinker: This is essentially Darius Q as a Mythic item. The combination of health, attack damage, ability haste, and the active effect makes this an efficient first item pickup, giving you a wide array of possibilities to outplay enemies.

Ravenous Hydra: The reworked Ravenous Hydra no longer has an active effect, but it still remains a great item to get due to its passive cleave. The stats granted by it will make you a deadly machine.

Black Cleaver: This is a core item against armor-stacking champions. It grants you a lot of ability haste, health, attack damage, and a new great passive to do a lot of damage.

Death’s Dance: Slightly reworked during the itemization overhaul, Death’s Dance no longer grants you magic resist. But it still remains one of the best bruiser items.

Guardian Angel: Overall, Guardian Angel is a great item. It allows you to overextend and come back to life after dying, ready for round two.