Best holiday gifts for League of Legends fans

If you're looking to buy a League of Legends themed gift, here are some of the best options for decent prices.

Image via Riot Games

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. But instead of singing carols, you might be nervous because you don’t know what to gift that one friend who can’t stop talking about League of Legends. Luckily, League is more than popular enough for a quick online search to lead you to a number of cool gifts.

If you aren’t that familiar with what the best options are, we’ve got you covered. Most of the best merch will, of course, be the official stuff, but there are a few other items that could be a unique gift as well.

Here are some of the best gifts you can get your League enthusiastic friends for the holidays.

7) League of Legends gift card

Price: $10 to $100

Where to buy: Riot Games’ Amazon store, Walmart, 7-Eleven, GameStop, Target

Image via Riot Games

If your giftee loves playing League, you can’t go wrong with getting them a gift card with Riot Points. They can spend their RP on whatever they want in the game and you get to pick the amount. It may not be the most personal gift out there, but it surely won’t leave a player without a smile on their face.

If you’re unsure about what to buy, then get a gift card. There are various ways to spend it in-game, such as on skins, ward skins, Little Legends, and much more.

6) Pomega Squad Mini Plush Pack

Price: $35

Where to buy: Riot Games store

Image via Riot Games

There’s nothing cuter in League than the sheep-like, lovable blobs named Poros. And if your giftee loves cute stuff as much as we do, this Poro Plush Pack will surely make them happy. Featuring five different champions, this Plush Pack can accompany your giftee wherever they go and protect them from harm.

5) Snowdown sweater

Price: $65

Where to buy: Riot Games store

Image via Riot Games

This lovely Poro sweater should keep your giftee warm in the winter. Featuring a knitted Christmas-themed design, it should bring joy to the wearer during the lovely holiday season.

What better way is there to spend a cold, chilly winter day if not inside in this marvelous sweater drinking a cup of hot cocoa?

4) Champion poster

Price: $22

Where to buy: Riot Games store

Image via Riot Games

Some League players might enjoy the idea of looking at a poster of their favorite champion to inspire them while they’re on the Rift. Your giftee will be happy to have their beloved champ cheering them on while they try to grind out ranked games.

3) Pro team jersey

Price: $65 to $75 on average

Where to buy: Team’s official merchandise stores

Image via G2 Esports

For hardcore esports fans, gifting them the jersey of their favorite League team is an unmissable hit. There’s a variety of designs out there and if you’re willing to pay more, you can even opt for a team hoodie or jacket. Some teams also offer custom name tags on the back of jerseys, which is a great way to make the gift even more special.

Before you order a jersey, though, make sure you know your giftee’s favorite team. It’d be a shame to give them a jersey of their favorite team’s rival.

2) Plushies

Price: $20 to $125

Where to buy: Riot Games store

Image via Riot Games

League plushies are another adorable gift. There’s a wide variety of plushies to choose from, including mini plush packs and extra-large Tibbers plushies. These little adorable creatures will motivate your giftee to play well and could even keep them calm after a devastating ranked game loss.

Who wouldn’t like to see plush versions of the in-game models they look at everyday?

1) Mini figurine

Price: $30

Where to buy: Riot Games store

Image via Riot Games

Figures are usually the most beloved collectibles for gaming enthusiasts—and there’s no reason why that’d be any different for League. But picking only one champion can be a struggle, so talk to your giftee to find out who their favorite champ is.

With so many champs to choose from, guessing who their favorite champion is can be a daunting task. But with a little bit of Christmas magic, you can find out who their main is by checking their profile and then gifting them a figure of that champion.