14 May 2017 - 18:20

The best fan-made League of Legends skins ever created

We display some of the best talent from the community.
Image via IBraliu and VegaColors

Since League of Legends’ release on Oct. 27, 2009, more than 130 champions have been created for the game—with hundreds of skins available to collect.

There is no shortage of amazing League of Legends fan-made skin concepts. These concepts are made by artists that are looking to give fans the skins they want for their favorite champions.

We have compiled a list of some of the best ideas and concepts that we want to see in the game. If you feel there is a concept we missed out on, let us know.

Star Guardian Urgot by IBraliu, KoriiNee, and Sardonyx

Let’s start off with a classic.

Star Guardian Urgot is a League meme at this point. Since Star Guardian Lux was released in May 2015, fans came up with suggestions of other champions that could fit into this Sailor Moon tribute for skins. Of all the suggestions to come out, Urgot was the one that grabbed the community’s attention, hitting front page on Reddit. And since then, the rest has been history.

Make it happen, Riot!

Molten Zac by Noah Warner

You have to give it to Noah Warner, the amount of work that went into the Molten Zac skin concept, all the way down to the abilities, is impressive.

What if Zac was made from lava instead of his usual green goo? Since lava has a similar consistency and reacts to movement in a similar way, it actually seems possible this could become a real skin in the future.

Volcanic Fizz by dragon7350


Turning Fizz into a dragon is one thing—creating a full 3D character with an ultimate to boot is another. The Volcanic Fizz concept looks like it came straight out of the game.

What if Fizz wasn’t an Atlantean? What if, in a parallel universe, there dwelled an ancient race of lava dwellers instead of sea people? Really, we just want to see a dragon Fizz skin, and this one hits all the right marks.

Elderwood Kindred by VegaColors

The guardians of the Elderwood look to welcome two new members if VegaColors’ design becomes a reality in the future. Considering Kindred is a symbol of death in League lore, reversing that idea into a symbol of life is a great concept.

Kindred’s wolf has been changed to represent a deer, while the lamb has more of a elvish/human vibe.

Ravenborn Xayah by Slown Damn

That didn’t take long. Xayah is the most recently released champion but she is already getting new skin concepts for the future.

Xayah is a freedom fighter and part of a rebellion, so to see the champion in a darker light is visually stimulating.

What could make Xayah take a darker path? Her lover, Rakan dying? Corruption? The skin offers a great take on what we know about the champion.

The only question is, when will we see Ravenborn Rakan to go with Xayah? The pair are a couple after all.

Star Guardian Ahri by LRY CiteMER

Another Star Guardian for the list. Named the “Fallen Star”, the character’s projectiles are morphed into small, cat-like creatures.

The splash art that the artist created could easily pass as one of Riot’s own and with Star Guardian skins teased in a recent leak, there could always be new guardian to join the leaked Ezreal and Syndra skins in the future.

Arclight Yorick by Vlad Bacescu

Yorick hasn’t had a new skin in five years, so it would be a blessing in disguise to get something like this. Arclight Yorick highlights the gravekeeper's road to redemption, a chance to see the light after all his years in darkness, and chance to be reborn from the curse inflicted on him to never die.

Kitsune Kindred by JellyEnvy

An Eastern take on death. Kindred’s wolf is represented as a Yokai, a spirit fox or kitsune as they are commonly known, and the lamb is represented as Tsuki no Usagi (The Moon Rabbit). The kitsune in japanese folklore represents a spiritual entity, while the Tsuki no Usagi is known as the elixir of life.

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