The best fan-made League of Legends skins ever created

We display some of the best talent from the community.

Image via Riot Games

Since League of Legends’ release on Oct. 27, 2009, more than 148 champions have been created for the game—and even more skins are available to collect.

There’s no shortage of amazing fan-made League skin concepts. These concepts are made by artists who are looking to give fans the skins they want for their favorite champions. You can definitely feel the passion they put into their work. 

While some of them manage to catch Riot’s eye and make their way into the game, others continue to live on in our hearts.

Nevertheless, even checking them out and imagining how the world could be with them in our lives is enough to brighten anyone’s day. The talented minds who design these skins also deserve the recognition and all the praise they get.

Here are some of the best ideas and concepts that we want to see in the game. 

Snow Day Nautilus by Leon Ropeter

Image via Leon Ropeter

Holiday skins are always in high demand, and each Christmas, Riot introduces new snowy skins.

Artist Leon Ropeter felt that Nautilus would be a perfect fit for a frosty and cute skin. Even though he originally wanted to follow a more Eskimo route, he went for a design that would blend in with the rest of the winter skins.

To give a shoutout to Nautilus’ underwater origin, Ropeter also used a fish as the handle of Nautilus’ pickaxe.

Dark Star Urgot by Slown Damn

Image via Slown Damn

Despite the community’s best efforts, countless petitions, and signature campaigns, Star Guardian Urgot just wasn’t meant to be. But that was merely a setback. The community didn’t forget and found a way to adapt and improvise.

Image via Slown Damn

Artist Slown Damn took it upon himself to avenge Star Guardian Urgot and came up with a new skin concept that involves space in a different way.

Urgot’s lower body was imagined as a black hole. His upper body and legs look as if he’s climbing out of an alternate dimension. 

This unique concept suits Urgot’s overall vibe and it even caught the eye of Victor Maury, an ex-splash artist for Riot. Urgot mains may never get over the Star Guardian concept, but they may learn to forget it if Riot releases this one.

Demon Irelia by Alexey Gorbatov

Image via Alexey Gorbatov

Not all champions are suitable for evil skins. If you take a look at the skins released for Irelia, you may understand her general vibe. Alexey Gorbatov goes completely against that vibe and turns Irelia into a bloodthirsty demon. 

As an idea, it sounds quite far-fetched. But after seeing the splash art, you may get the urge to start a petition to get this skin into the game.

Her stone-like skin combined with the small horns and the look in her eyes creates a great demonic vibe without being too over the top.

Ghost Janna by Thorsten Erdt

Image via Thorsten Erdt

Janna has a lot of cool skins at her disposal but skipping this one purely for that reason would be a crime against art.

Thorsten Erdt leaves nothing to our imagination with his Ghost Janna concept, which covers almost everything and even introduces its own chromas.

The concept could be considered scary and evil if it wasn’t for that tiny little Casper-like ghost she has floating around her neck. It’s also quite hard to pick which staff is the best for her, so maybe a version that keeps upgrading itself as Janna levels up could be the best choice to use all the design concepts.

If it wasn’t for Bewitching Janna, this skin would be a great addition to Janna’s skin line while filling her Halloween skin slot.

Volcanic Anivia by Vlad Bacescu

Image via Vlad Bacescu

It’s safe to say that element and vibe-bending skins are always in high demand. They create a side of our favorite champion that we could only get to see in our dreams.

Volcanic Anivia does just that. Who could ever imagine that snowy bird breathing fire? Our favorite part of the skin is definitely her ultimate animation, which looks like a campfire out of fantasy books.

One thing’s for sure, though. If this skin ever makes its way into the game, an infernal drake fight with Volcanic Anivia on one of the teams will be a blast to watch.

Bard the Chick Magnet by Adrien Debos

Image via Adrien Debos

Some skins convince people to main champions that they’ve never played before. Bard the Chick Magnet could certainly be one of these skins if it ever gets implemented.

The concept was originally put together for Riot’s Creative Contest and everyone fell in love with it after it won the whole thing.

Image via Adrien Debos

Bard’s main body is essentially a nest that the chicks he collects can chill inside. It just begs the question: How can these artists come up with these extraordinary designs?

Karthulhu the Ancient One by Andrea Orioli

Image via Andrea Orioli

Karthus always had this mysterious vibe about him. What if he were to start whispering thoughts of madness into our ears?

Andrea Orioli’s Cthulhu inspired Karthus design turns the Deathsinger into a combination of Cthulhu and Mindflayers from Dungeons & Dragons and Stranger Things.

If this concept ever makes it into the game, some phenomenal voice acting to go along with it could even lay down the foundations of a new skin line.

88MPH Ezreal by Antoine Dupuis

Image via Antoine Dupuis

This Back to the Future inspired Ezreal concept may just be the definition of old school cool.

It’s no surprise that retro is making a comeback. The ’80s were such a hectic decade filled with inspiring advancements in fashion, technology, and music. Ten years just wasn’t enough for the ’80s to get it all out of its system. 

The return of retro also inspired artists and it looks like skins are going to be benefiting from it. Even if this skin doesn’t make it into the game, fans can hope that it inspires Riot to make more vintage skins.