Aphromoo welcomes Zven to support role, leads FlyQuest to victory over C9 in 2022 LCS Summer Split

The veteran and the newly role-swapped player met for the first time in the LCS as supports.

Photo via @LCSofficial on Twitter

FlyQuest showcased greatness in week three of the 2022 LCS Summer Split by sweeping through their League competition, finishing the weekend with a dominant victory over Cloud9. FlyQuest now advances out of the tie in the standings they had with C9, with eyes on the teams at the top.

In only Zven’s third outing as C9’s support player, he had to overcome the challenge that was Aphromoo—the longest-standing member of the LCS and someone that also once swapped from ADC to support.

The veteran made it very difficult for Zven to enjoy the early moments of laning phase, securing himself three kills—a feat normally reserved for the ADC, not the support.

This small lead in bot lane gave FlyQuest the opportunity to focus on extending pressure with dragons. When Baron spawned, FlyQuest had already reached Soul point, forcing C9 to be very cautious of exactly where the team would be shifting their focus. In the mere seconds that the fourth team descended onto the Rift, the entirety of FlyQuest locked down Blaber, securing the Hextech Soul for themselves and increasing their hefty gold lead further.

A solo kill by FlyQuest’s new top laner Philip onto the returning Jensen was all the team needed to shift themselves into the Baron pit. Though Berskerer held them off from their initial attempt at the objective, C9’s attempt to contest FlyQuest’s second try proved futile—FlyQuest collect not only the Baron buff, but Elder Drake too.

With both buffs in the hand of all of their players, FlyQuest easily destroyed all the structures protecting C9’s nexus. One final stand from C9 resulted in a Quadra Kill for Johnsun’s Jinx, and FlyQuest’s fourth victory of Summer.

FlyQuest end an undefeated week in the LCS at 4-3, putting them in an uncontested fifth place behind Evil Geniuses, CLG, Team Liquid, and 100 Thieves. They will return in week four, which begins on July 16, to take on 100T in an attempt to climb further in the standings.

FlyQuest’s jungler Josedeodo told Dot Esports yesterday that he feels his team is a bit uncoordinated at the moment, saying that finding the team’s consistency will be what they need to “prove a lot of stuff.” In today’s match, the team’s coordination appeared much more synergized. The squad quickly identified their win conditions and took care of the major factors that would prevent them from attaining victory.

This also marks the first time C9 has lost since Berserker and Zven made their debut on the roster. C9 sit close behind FlyQuest in sixth and will start their week four matches against TSM, marking the halfway point of the 2022 LCS Summer Split.