Akali changes scheduled to arrive on League’s PBE for Patch 10.3 cycle

Riot's revisiting the Rogue Assassin.

Image via Riot Games

Akali’s been through the wringer quite a few times since her rework in 2018, but now she’s back on the chopping block for another round of balance changes. Riot Games lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter provided fans today with a bit of insight into what’s in store for League of Legends‘ Rogue Assassin.

The newest round of changes is scheduled to arrive on League’s Public Beta Environment for the 10.3 patch cycle. Only two of Akali’s abilities have fallen under Riot’s scrutiny, but the changes are aimed at addressing the abilities’ functions instead of simple damage nerfs.

Akali’s W, Twilight Shroud, is the first of two abilities receiving changes. Once the changes go live on the PBE, the ability will gain a new effect that reveals Akali while she is in her shroud if she is immobilized. The effect will last for the duration of the crowd control. Additionally, Twilight Shroud is getting a buff to its movement speed at all levels but will decay over two seconds after cast.

The first cast of the Rogue Assassin’s ultimate ability, Perfect Execution, will no longer be free target; players will need to target enemy champions within a range of 625 units. Similarly, Perfect Execution’s second dash will decrease in speed from 3,000 to 1,900.

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The changes will arrive on the PBE for the 10.3 patch cycle and will remain on the testing server for further testing—in what is expected to be a longer testing period than most simple balance changes. “These will have a bit longer than normal on PBE so we can get feels feedback and extra testing,” Scruffy wrote.