6 perfect pick’em submissions still remain after Worlds 2021 quarterfinals

None of the perfect predictors selected C9 to win today's quarterfinal match against Gen.G.

Image via Riot Games

The quarterfinal round of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship has come to a close and the number of fans with perfect submissions in the annual Lolesports.com pick’em game is dwindling. At the close of the quarterfinal round, just six pick’em submissions remain perfect.

To have a perfect pick’em submission at this stage in the tournament, the six players with spotless picks must have selected the correct order in which the 16 teams in the Worlds group stage finished in their groups, as well as the outcomes of the four quarterfinal matches. Players with perfect pick’em submissions each have 84 points on the official Lolesports leaderboard. 

Last year, only eight pick’em players correctly predicted the entire tournament. Should any of the six remaining pick’em participants manage to wrap up this year’s World Championship with a perfect score, they’ll receive all six Ultimate skins in League: DJ Sona, Elementalist Lux, Gun Goddess Miss Fortune, K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine, Pulsefire Ezreal, and Spirit Guard Udyr. 

All six of the perfect pick’em players had flawless submissions heading into the final match of the quarterfinal round today between Gen.G and Cloud9. None of them selected the North American representatives to come out on top. 

Just three matches remain on the Worlds schedule. DWG KIA and T1 are set to face off in a rematch of the LCK Summer Split final on Oct. 30, while EDward Gaming of the LPL will battle it out with the LCK’s Gen.G on Oct. 31. The winner of those two semifinal matches will meet on Nov. 6 in the World Championship final with the Summoner’s Cup on the line. 

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