Here are 3 fun League comps to try out in this weekend’s Clash tournament


Image via Riot Games

Although League of Legends’ Clash tournament can be extremely competitive, it doesn’t mean players can’t also have fun.

Riot pushed the next Clash competition to this weekend in an effort to help players stuck at home amid the coronavirus pandemic. So this might be a good opportunity for teams to experiment with new synergies. While these team comps may not be the most meta, they’re a lot of fun if executed correctly.

Here are three fun team comps to try out this weekend.

Cheeky wombo combo

Image via Riot Games
  • Top: Kalista
  • Jungle: Zac
  • Mid: Diana
  • Bottom: Yasuo
  • Support: Alistar

While there are obviously more traditional wombo combo synergies, like Malphite, Jarvan, Orianna, and Yasuo, this cheeky comp abuses some emerging stars on the Rift.

Depending on your solo queue experience, League players may have mixed reviews on the Kalista top pick. But after Invictus Gaming top laner TheShy pulled out the underused AD carry in a solo lane, her popularity skyrocketed. Kalista counters the majority of top lane bruisers dominating the meta, such as Sett, Aatrox, and Mordekaiser. And by binding a Zac to her ultimate, Kalista can easily begin the wombo combo from a safe distance.

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Diana has emerged as a powerful mid lane pick after her rework. Her ultimate pulls in all champions caught in her path, setting up an insane wombo. And since her E allows her to dash more often than her old kit, she has escape and pick potential.

Since the team already has a traditional ADC in the top lane, teams are open to run Yasuo and Alistar bot. The Minotaur is obviously one of the best supports for proccing Yasuo’s ultimate, having the potential to knock up an entire team. And since Yasuo scales to oblivion, having four teammates who can help him press R is a great win condition.

Bruiser Abuser

Image via Riot Games
  • Top: Darius
  • Jungle: Lee Sin
  • Mid: Garen
  • Bottom: Sett
  • Support: Yuumi

It’s no secret that some of League’s most overpowered champions are bruisers. Their abnormally high win rates aren’t a coincidence—these champs win games. So why not put them in every lane?

The main point of this team comp is to win lane early, snowball into oblivion, and be unkillable while dealing tons of damage. To ensure an early game lead, picking Lee Sin can help give all lanes an advantage. And after getting all lanes ahead, Lee can then focus the enemy jungler, taking them out of the game. 

For Lee to be as effective as possible, he needs strong laners who can rotate to dragons, Rift Heralds, and Rift Scuttles. Garen’s silence counters any and every single champion in the game. So putting him mid makes ganking a mage or assassin an easy venture. And on the off chance that Garen’s countered or struggling in lane, he can easily switch with the top laner. The most obnoxious part is that Garen can build full damage and still out tank more champions in the game. Putting Darius top adds another strong bruiser to the mix who can easily snag a pentakill with his ultimate.

Sett and Yuumi in the bot lane is another strong combo—impossible to kill, impossible to gank. Sett has proven how difficult he is to gank and tower dive. His E can stun multiple opponents and his W gives him a massive shield while dealing true damage. And Yuumi is a necessity since her healing and speed-ups can make every bruiser unkillable and unkitable while limiting her own risk of death.

While it may initially seem like this team has one major flaw—all AD damage—every single one of the bruisers deals true damage. Mitigating the enemy team’s armor can make up for the lack of ability power.

Didn’t see them coming

Image via Riot Games
  • Top: Rengar/Wukong
  • Jungle: Evelynn/Shaco
  • Mid: Talon
  • Bottom: Twitch/Senna
  • Support: Pyke

This may be a difficult comp to pull off, especially since the majority of the champions don’t gain camouflage until level six. But the ability to pick off any player who’s remotely out of position is threatening.

The beauty of this comp is that a wide variety of champions can offer the same stealth and pick potential. Rengar can abuse top laners and then perma-roam after six. Wukong’s rework has instantly made him a top-tier pick. While Shaco may offer you early-game pressure in the jungle position, Evenlynn has CC, great damage, and is an AP champ.

Talon is getting nerfed in Patch 10.7, but players can abuse him in the meantime. His mobility, burst, and stealth make him a great pick that can roam with Rengar at six. And Twitch offers the late-game hyper carry this team needs. All players should prioritize getting Twitch ahead for this comp to succeed.

Senna is another great late-game pick who can bamboozle enemy teams with Curse of the Black Mist (E). Pyke rounds this comp out nicely, giving good CC and an execution to finish off picked targets as quickly as possible.

Clash kicks off this Saturday, March 28 between 2pm and 4pm CT depending on your squad’s tier.