League’s Clash tournament makes an early return this weekend

Thank you, Riot.

Image via Riot Games

It seems like Riot Games has a little gift to help League of Legends fans out during this difficult time.

League lead producer of gameplay Jeremy “Brightmoon” Lee explained that Clash is returning this upcoming weekend, March 28 and 29. The client had been updated earlier today, sparking confused and excited responses from fans.

“Some of you have already seen the update in the client, but YES we are having CLASH this weekend at a special time,” Brightmoon said. “Bringing it earlier than planned to help you & your crew have some fun during this time.”

The bracket-style tournament was originally planned for mid-April. But with many League players relegated to staying home due to coronavirus concerns, Riot is bringing back the competition early.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Lock-in time for Clash is between 2pm and 4pm CT on Saturday and Sunday, depending on which tier you and your squad fall into. The lock-in times are earlier than usual considering most tournaments have begun later in the evening.

It’s unclear if the previously=scheduled April 11 and 12 Clash tournament will proceed as normal so soon after this weekend’s competition. But League fans will certainly have something to look forward to this Saturday.