What each suit does in Lethal Company

Suit up and serve the Company.

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One of the best and biggest horror games of 2023, Lethal Company is a real hit, and it only has a single developer. While the customization options are quite limited, suits, the primary player customization option, can give you some sense of uniqueness.

The game is based around exploring terrifying moons and abandoned facilities, so you may be wondering what suits can do to help you in Lethal Company. We’re here to answer.

What do suits do in Lethal Company?

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Suits in Lethal Company don’t have a particular function other than being cosmetic items. Each of the suits only changes your appearance, allowing you to have a grasp on customizing your playable character. Overall, the options are there, but you should set the suits to a low position in your list of priorities.

All suits in Lethal Company

Though the default suits really emphasize the player’s position in this corporate world, where their life and death are only assets to the Company, having the option of changing them is great. The suits are the following:

  • Hazard Suit (Yellow)
  • Green Suit (Green, duh)
  • Pajama Suit (Blue)

It’s worth mentioning that when you purchase a suit, it’s only available during your current run of the game. If you purchase a suit and then lose the game (you’re fired from the Company and out of your ship), you’ll have to purchase the suit again if you’d like to have it in your next game.

What does the Hazard Suit do in Lethal Company?

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Despite the name, the Hazard Suit doesn’t help with any hazardous events or materials in Lethal Company.

What does the Pajama Suit do in Lethal Company?

Like the Hazard Suit, the Pajama Suit does not allow you to sleep on the job, as that’d be detrimental to the Company and would warrant an immediate execution of the disciplinary protocol.

What does the Green Suit do in Lethal Company?

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The Green Suit does nothing except be green. But if you’re a big fan of the color, then put on this suit.

How much do suits cost in Lethal Company?

Lethal Company can offer you different items based on when you’re accessing the store. This is also true for the suits, which can change each time you start working toward a new quota.

Green Suit60 Credits
Hazard Suit90 Credits
Pajama Suit900 Credits

Unfortunately, the suits are available at entirely random times. Sometimes, you’ll start the game being able to acquire the Pajama Suit, and sometimes you won’t see the Pajama Suit appear in the store for a few quotas.

As we can see, the Hazard and Green Suits are relatively cheap, and you can pick them up if you have the spare scratch. The Pajama Suit shouldn’t be considered unless you’ve racked up thousands of extra credits and have nothing better to spend them on, though. Paying 900 credits for a suit that does next to nothing is not worth the trouble, though you are free to spend (or waste) your hard-earned cash.

Best mod for suits in Lethal Company

More Suits

Where the developers fail, modders come in, and the same rings true for the suits in Lethal Company. The More Suits mod adds precisely what it says: more suits, enhancing the variety of available skins for the player character. You can download the mod from the Thunderstore website and follow the instructions there. Just make sure you first follow our BepInEx installation guide to ensure maximum mod compatibility.


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