Party Animals getting its first crossover with Ori

The first of likely many to come.

Ori and Naru sporting their Party Animals appearances
Image via Microsoft

Party Animals has only been out for a few days but it’s already scored its first big crossover by working with Microsoft, bringing two colorful characters from the Ori universe to the game.

Both Naru and Ori will be appearing as in-game costumes for players to use when battling with others on Xbox and PC. Not much else is known about the collaboration other than the arrival of the two skins, with no release date currently announced.

The news comes from the Tokyo Games Show on Sept. 21, where Microsoft hosted a show on all things Xbox in Japan. In it, we got the announcement that Palworld would be coming to Xbox and PC, new trailers for Persona 3 Reload, and a bunch of other Japanese announcements for the Series X and S.

The Ori crossover isn’t likely to be the last crossover to come to the game either. As we have seen with popular indie games like Fall Guys in the past, crossover skins seem to be the new norm, and with Xbox giving its support first with Ori, who knows if we will see things like Halo or other titles take the plunge in the future.

Party Animals is currently on Xbox Game Pass and Steam and has been getting a lot of support this week including Twitch Drops for players to unlock exclusive items and skins in the game.

Party Animals also has a redemption code feature installed for future free opportunities but currently has no codes for players to use— though hopefully that will change soon.


Adam Newell
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