When will Hearthstone’s Descent of Dragons expansion be playable tomorrow?

Will Galakrond rule the meta?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The 135 powerful cards in Hearthstone’s new Descent of Dragons expansion will be set loose into the meta starting Dec. 10. 

Blizzard Entertainment has already preloaded much of the data for Descent of Dragons in a patch on Dec. 5, paving the way for tomorrow’s release. The developer hasn’t posted any official information about the exact time of the set’s activation, but unofficial reports based on previous release schedules from Express suggest this schedule based on region:

  • Americas: Dec. 10, 12pm CT
  • Europe: Dec. 10, 1pm CT
  • Asia: Dec. 11, 10am CT
  • China: Dec. 11, 2am CT

The new set includes five legendary hero cards for the E.V.I.L classes (Rogue, Warrior, Warlock, Shaman, and Priest), all of which are different versions of the dragon Galakrond that can level up over the course of the match with the new Invoke mechanic. The ability will allow creatures to call forth Galakrond’s abilities, which are different for each class, and make the draconic villain even more powerful when he’s finally played. 

Sidequests are a new card type in Descent of Dragons that offer players a version of quest cards that don’t require decks to be built around them. These, in addition to new legendary dragons and archetypes, will likely keep the meta in flux for at least a few weeks. 

As of writing, players can still pre-purchase Descent of Dragons for $49.99 (for 60 packs) or $79.99 (100 packs and a hero).