New Warrior card revealed from Heartstone’s upcoming expansion

Emberscale Drake will grant you Armor if you're holding another Dragon.

Screengrab via Hearthstone

Earlier today, a new card was revealed from Hearthstone’s next expansion, Rastakhan’s Rumble—and it’s a Warrior Dragon card called Emberscale Drake. It was revealed by Douyu.

Emberscale Drake is a five-mana cost Dragon with five Attack and five Health. It also has a Battlecry effect, which grants you five Armor if you’re holding a Dragon.

This new Dragon is a cheaper Shieldmaiden, and is an interesting addition that would synergize well with the previous Dragon card revealed from this expansion, Crowd Roaster. It could also play well with other Dragon cards if you’re going for Odd Warrior, such as War Master Voone, which copies all the Dragon cards in your hand. 

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Rastakhan’s Rumble is Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion, and you can still pre-purchase it under two different bundles: One for $20 and another for $50. Pre-purchase options will be available until Dec. 4 when the expansion officially comes out.