How to watch the Scholomance Inn-vitational Hearthstone tournament

Your favorite Hearthstone streamers around the globe will clash in an exciting format.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

To celebrate the new expansion, Scholomance Academy, Blizzard announced a showmatch tournament that will take place on Aug. 25.

The event features some of the most popular Hearthstone content creators and professional players from all over the world. In addition to the tournament’s exciting content, Blizzard threw in a $100,000 prize pool to make the event even more thrilling. 

Scholomance Inn-vitational will kick off at 12pm CT and is planned to last for five hours. Here’s everything you need to know about the next Hearthstone extravaganza.


The tournament will feature 20 personalities divided into 10 teams of two, representing a dual-class pairing. Each player will play for rounds of best-of-three matches with uniquely designed decks.

  • Each team will prepare four decks using cards only from their Dual-Class pairing and at least 10 Scholomance Academy cards overall.
  • Each player will independently play through four rounds of best-of-three matches, with each game victory awarding their team a single point.
  • If both players on a team win their match with a 2-0 game score, that team will earn an additional two points.
  • The total team point score will determine the final team placements and respective prizing after all four rounds have been completed.


Though all participants will stream the event from their own perspectives, multiple official channels will also be up to cover the whole event.

Hearthstone’s official Twitch and YouTube channels will be the main hubs for the broadcast. Frodan and Sottle will cast the entire event.

The event will also be brought to the fans in five different additional languages. The Russian, Turkish, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish streams will go live simultaneously as main sources on Aug. 25 at 12pm CT.


School of Tricks

School of Bones

School of Light

School of Beasts

School of the Hunt

School of Nature

School of Elements

School of Honor

School of Blades

School of Fel

Viewers with Twitch Drops will be eligible to win packs throughout the event. Whether you catch the event live or watch its re-run shortly after it’s over, any Hearthstone players that clock a total of two hours watching time will get a Scholomance Academy pack delivered to their accounts. Watching four hours will net an additional pack. The watch time is accumulated across the Hearthstone community, meaning you can even get the packs while watching your favorite streamers throughout the event.