Hearthstone’s Scholomance Inn-vitational offers $100,000 prize pool

Besides prizes for players, there are also Twitch Drops for spectators.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A Hearthstone showmatch tournament will take place later this month, Blizzard announced today.

The Scholomance Inn-vitational, which will be held on Aug. 25, will feature 20 players divided into 10 teams of two. Every player will participate in four rounds of best-of-three matches with a $100,000 prize pool on the line.

The scoring format is as follows:

  • Each team will prepare four decks using cards from their dual-class pairing and at least 10 Scholomance Academy cards overall.
  • Each player will independently play through four rounds of best-of-three matches, with each game victory awarding their team one point.
  • If both players on a team win their match with a 2-0 game score, that team will earn an additional two points.
  • The final team placements and respective prizing will be determined by the total team point score after all four rounds have been completed.

Observers who watch two hours of Hearthstone on Twitch during the Inn-vitational’s run will obtain one Scholomance Academy pack. If they watch two more hours, they’ll get another free pack. To be awarded these packs, players must make sure to link their Twitch and Battle.net accounts.

Here are the 10 teams and the players paired up together:

School of Tricks

  • Avelline – Rogue
  • Thijs – Mage

School of Bones

  • Dog – Warlock
  • tylerootd – Priest

School of Light

  • Trump – Paladin
  • Brian Kibler – Priest

School of Beasts

  • RegisKillbin – Hunter
  • BoarControl – Druid

School of the Hunt

  • BasarCos – Hunter
  • Nuj – Demon Hunter

School of Nature

  • Alliestrasza – Druid
  • Firebat – Shaman

School of Elements

  • FenoHS – Mage
  • Solary – Shaman

School of Honor

  • Kripp – Warrior
  • DDaHyoNi – Paladin

School of Blades

  • Flurry – Rogue
  • Plag1at – Warrior

School of Fel

  • RDU – Demon Hunter
  • Tom60229 – Warlock

The Scholomance Inn-vitational will take place on Aug. 25 from 12pm to 5pm CT.