Hearthstone’s 16.4.1 update to introduce Battlegrounds bug fixes for Android users

Tirion Fordring's out, and Queen Wagtoggle's back in.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone fans on mobile can breathe easy. Blizzard Entertainment is releasing a new patch later in the week to address many of the bugs plaguing Battlegrounds fans following the 16.4 patch, including ones that made the game unplayable for users on Android devices.

Blizzard will be removing Tirion Fordring, who gives minions without a type +1/+1, from the Battlegrounds hero pool and will be replacing the character with Queen Wagtoggle, who was accidentally removed from the hero pool following the 16.4 update last week. Queen Wagtoggle has a one-cost hero power that gives a friendly Mech, Demon, Murloc, and Beast an additional two points of attack.   

In addition to this hero exchange, Blizzard will be fixing a variety of bugs that cropped up following last week’s 16.4 update, including bugs with Malygos and Galakrond’s hero powers and the recurring issues on Android devices.

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Shortly after Patch 16.4 arrived on mobile, fans of the game began reporting issues ranging from unviewable collections to full-on game crashes while operating the game on their mobile devices. These issues reportedly occurred for players on both Android and iOS devices.

Last week’s Patch 16.4 introduced several new dragon-themed characters to the Battlegrounds hero pool, including both Galakrond and Nozdormu. Additionally, a total of 18 cards—12 of which share the dragon typing—arrived in Hearthstone’s autobattler.

The 16.4.1 update will arrive in Battlegrounds Thursday, March 5.