Hearthstone’s not working for some mobile users

Had any issues on mobile lately?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone’s latest update introduced a variety of new features to Battlegrounds. Unfortunately, some mobile users have been unable to play the game at all since updating.

All across the Hearthstone Reddit post like this continue to spread the word about mobile issues with the latest update. Those of us playing the new content on PC may be having a blast, but the mobile world continues to be harshly affected.

Image via zCesaar on Reddit

Though the amount of issues being reported on the website varies, one Reddit user shared the image above of what their mobile Hearthstone client has looked like over the past four days. As you can see, the game appears to have loaded up as per usual, except this time it’s missing literally every button. Players have no option to click play or even view their collection.

Other players report having issues that range from their collection being unviewable, to the game crashing entirely every time it’s been launched. Unfortunately, these issues aren’t just affecting one type of mobile user either.

Some players have suggested that one fix may be to uninstall and reinstall Hearthstone from your device entirely. Simple enough, but unfortunately that doesn’t fix the issue for everyone. Another method some Android users have had success with is uninstalling Hearthstone and then reinstalling it through Amazon instead of their regular app store. Again, though this has worked for some users, it hasn’t worked for all.

Though players seem to be positive about the latest Battlegrounds patch for the most part, it obviously didn’t come without its flaws. If you’re having issues with the game since Patch 16.4, consider trying the aforementioned methods of reinstallation discussed above. Unfortunately, if you don’t have any luck, we may just have to wait on Blizzard to issue a bug fix.