Card reveals for Hearthstone’s The Witchwood expansion begin next Monday morning pacific time

The livestream kicks everything off on March 26 at 11am PT.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

We already knew Hearthstone’s card reveal stream would come on March 26, but now we know when exactly The Witchwood reveals will start.

Blizzard announced on Twitter earlier today that the March 26 livestream will begin at 11am PT. Reveals from “press and members of the community” will roll out after that, Blizzard said in the tweet.

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With The Witchwood, which was announced on March 12, Hearthstone will get 135 new cards. A preorder card pack bundle is already available for $49.99. Players will get 70 card packs and an exclusive The Witchwood cardback. Cards are expected to be revealed starting on March 26. There’s no release date yet for The Witchwood, but it’s expected to be added to Hearthstone in April.

The Witchwood is the first new set of The Year of the Raven. Ten cards have been announced so far.