Hearthstone’s latest set of nerfs just went live

Get ready for a brand new meta.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Just a week after the upcoming changes were announced, a massive set of nerfs have just gone live on Hearthstone’s servers.

The changes are to address the strength of some of the game’s most popular decks—mostly targeting Razakus Priest and Tempo Rogue.

Raza the Chained is the only class card being hit with the nerf bat this time around. Rather than reducing the player’s hero power to zero and allowing massive damage combos with Anduin Shadowreaper, the hero power reduction is now only to one. That will massively clip the wings of the combo heavy variant of Highlander Priest.

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Patches the Pirate, one of the most hated cards in the game, is also getting nerfed. The card will no longer have Charge, basically making it useless in everything except Pirate decks. And those aren’t good right now anyway. After this change, the Pirate package won’t be the undisputed king of the early game.

Corridor Creeper, one of the sleepers of the Kobolds and Catacombs set, is taking the biggest hit. It’s going down from a 5/5 minion all the way to a 2/5. That’s because, although the base cost is seven mana, most players were finding it way too easy to get it down to three or less. And a free 5/5 is just a little bit too strong.

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The final card to get nerfed is Bonemare, another neutral staple. It’s going from seven mana up to eight.

These will likely be the last nerfs of the Year of the Mammoth. The game will move to a new Standard rotation in the Spring, with a new expansion.