Everything there is to know about Hearthstone’s new Scheme mechanic

Every group of evil villains does a healthy amount of scheming.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard recently unveiled the newest Hearthstone expansion, Rise of Shadows, which will be released on April 9.

Since the announcement, we’ve been able to further explore some of the new features coming to the game with Rise of Shadows, including a new mechanic called Schemes.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Scheme cards are spells that start weak, but grow stronger over the course of a game. Each turn a Scheme card is in your hand, a number on it will increase. The number on the Scheme card will be connected to the rest of its effect.

The day after announcing the expansion, Blizzard revealed the new Rogue card Togwaggle’s Scheme. This card is a one-cost spell and in its original form allows you to choose a minion and shuffle a single copy of it into your deck.

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In a video that accompanied the card reveal posted on Twitter, the Hearthstone team showed what happens when a Scheme card is held on to for an extended period of time. The player in the video is able to shuffle nine copies of a minion into his deck for just one mana. If you’re willing to hold onto the card, it can generate some insane value.

As more Scheme cards are revealed, we’ll get a better idea of how the new mechanic might shape the meta. One thing that seems to be apparent with the Scheme mechanic is that it should be used to generate tempo. This may be good news for old favorites like Tempo Rogue and Tempo Mage, but it will also be exciting to see what brand-new deck archetypes spawn around the mechanic.