The 10 best small gaming keyboards of 2020

Same performance, smaller sizes.

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Mechanical keyboards are the go-to choice of all competitive gamers. Their low response time and special switches make them a powerful weapon to have in multiplayer games. But any computer user who just enjoys typing can also be in the market for the keyboards—the nice “click” sound the keyboards make has spawned devotees all over.

The size of the keyboards has been the main issue of low DPI mouse users alongside people who just don’t have enough desk space. Most feature dedicated macro keys and a numpad, which occupy a lot of space. To be fair, a majority of users can do without a numpad and don’t use the macro keys due to the nature of their usage.

For those who want a little bit more space to move and travel with their equipment, compact keyboards emerged. The options are endless in the market and picking the right one for your needs could be a struggle.

We’ve gathered the best compact gaming keyboards on the market right now to help you on your quest to find the right keyboard.

Cooler Master SK621

Image via Cooler Master

Cooler Master produces some of the most customizable mechanical keyboards on the market both with its switch options and software.

The SK621 is one of the lightest compact mechanical keyboards—it only weighs a pound. The keyboard has a 60 percent layout and features Cherry’s new MX Red switches that had their actuation point lowered by an extra 0.8 millimeters.

SK621 can also be used wirelessly thanks to its integrated Bluetooth. If you don’t turn on its RGB lights, the keyboard can go up to four to five months without charging.

Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma v2

Image via Razer

Razer, a household name in gaming, has a track record of making innovative products.

The original Blackwidow was and is a great keyboard overall. It’s only problem was that it was too bulky. The tournament edition of the legendary keyboard fixes all that by shrinking its size. It lets you choose between three Razer switches that all have different actuation forces and an actuation vs. reset point value.

It also comes with a comfortable wrist rest that can be removed if you prefer to do so.

Logitech Pro X Gaming Keyboard

Image via Logitech

Choosing the right switch when buying a keyboard can be tough. You may end up not liking your choice and it may be too late to get a new one. 

Pro X’s switches can be changed manually—given that you have the right type of switches. This essentially prolongs the lifetime of the keyboard. Logitech has three types of switches in its store that can be used with the Pro X: GX Blue Clicky, GX Red Linear, and GX Brown Tactile switches.

Thanks to its tenkeyless design, it can easily be carried around and fit into any bag with its detachable cable.

It doesn’t have any macro keys but the function keys on top of the keyboard are fully customizable with Logitech’s G-HUB.

Ducky One 2 Mini

Image via Ducky

Ducky gained the respect of mechanical keyboard enthusiasts all over the world with its high-level build quality and customize ability options.

One 2 Mini is a 60 percent keyboard and you can pick from five different Cherry MX switches before ordering. The keys are also designed to prevent any wear down and fading that may occur over long term usage.

The keyboard also comes with its own keycap puller and extra keycaps in case you lose any of them while cleaning.

Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Image via Redragon

Redragon is known for putting out quality products that cost half as much as the competition. It gained popularity because its products were as good as the more expensive options on the market—if not better.

Of course, to cost less, one must cut some things first. The K552 has a tough plastic body that’s strong and comes with custom-made switches. In the case of this keyboard, the custom made switches are Cherry MX Blue equivalents.

On a positive note, the keyboard comes with a gold-plated USB connector and decent keycaps. It’s also splash-proof, so you can enjoy your meal in front of your computer without worrying.

HyperX Alloy FPS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Image via HyperX

HyperX also joins the competition by shrinking one of its popular keyboards. The Alloy FPS features a steel frame and has a solid build overall.

You can also choose what suits you best from Cherry MX Blue, Red, or Brown switches. The tenkeyless design also has a detachable cable, which makes it easier to carry around. 

The keyboard’s game mode also assures 100 percent anti-ghosting, which can come in handy (if you’re a spammer).



Like Ducky, Motospeed also gained a decent amount of popularity by featuring the essentials of a mechanical keyboard for anyone who’s on a tight budget.

Its 60 percent design makes the keyboard easy to carry around. It can also be used with phones and tablets with Bluetooth functionality. The keyboard features Outemu Blue switches, which are considered identical to the Cherry MX Blue switches.

Corsair K65 RGB RAPIDFIRE Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Image via Corsair

Corsair joins the fray with a tenkeyless version of one of its iconic keyboards. K65, however, is a bit bigger than its competition because it has dedicated media keys on its forehead. It’s also a full-sized keyboard with standard key spacing.

The 65 features an aluminum frame and also comes with a wrist rest. You can choose between Cherry MX Speed and Red switches to go with your keyboard and your needs. Cleaning the keyboard is easy as well thanks to the included keycap remover tool.

SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL Mechanical Keyboard

Image via SteelSeries

SteelSeries has been in the keyboard game for a long time and it has quite the reputation of upping its game with every product cycle.

Alongside its aircraft-grade aluminum body, the Apex Pro TKL features OmniPoint switches that are considered to be the latest innovation in terms of switches. OmniPoints’ actuation points can be adjusted both for gaming and typing. This can be done via the OLED display on the right corner of the keyboard.

If you’d like to keep it traditional, you can also opt out or have Cherry MX Red, Blue, or Brown switches.

Fnatic miniSTREAK Mechanical Keyboard

Image via Fnatic

Fnatic is one of the oldest esports organizations in the world. The team has countless titles under its name in many different games. Once Fnatic announced that it would be getting into producing gaming gear, its success was almost inevitable since it knows what players truly need and want.

The miniSTREAK is made of aluminum and polycarbonate. It comes with a magnetic wrist rest and a detachable cable to ensure mobility. Though it doesn’t have any dedicated macro keys, its function keys are fully customizable via Fnatic’s OP software.

Being only 28 millimeters thick, the miniSTREAK is one of the thinnest keyboards available right now. You’re also able to choose between Cherry MX Red, Blue, and Brown switches to go with your needs.

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