PlayStation 5 will reportedly have 664GB of usable internal storage at launch

This lines up with early projections.

Screengrab via Sony

As we get closer to the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, more details about the next-gen consoles are slowly starting to surface

Along with some early images of the PS5’s user interface, we now know that the internal storage for the console will actually have over 100GB taken up from launch. 

This comes from a ResetEra thread discussing the PS5’s storage, which showcases a console that is already setup with the operating system and Astro’s Playroom installed, which will be the case with all launch units. The initial 825GB internal SSD will apparently be knocked down to around roughly 768GB through conversions and will actually settle at around 664GB of usable space when taking into account the operating system. 

Screengrab via ResetEra

That essentially means that players are losing out on nearly 200GB right at launch, with only one game being installed on the console, which is about what most people expected. Though, since the leak reportedly came from a dev kit version of the console, these numbers could still change before launch. 

That Astro’s Playroom file size is also likely to be slightly larger at launch, either due to updates or the version on these leaked images being a demo of some kind. 

The Series X has already been confirmed to drop from 1TB to around 930GB after conversion, with a final size of around 802GB remaining after the OS is set up.

So unless Sony and Microsoft suddenly find ways to match Nintendo’s file compression methods to efficiently cut down on storage sizes, this could end up being a problem early on due to most bigger titles taking up between 25 and 100GB each on current-gen consoles. 

None of these details have been confirmed by Sony or Microsoft. Based on the information surrounding the consoles, however, these numbers are likely pretty close to what you can expect when you pick up your next-gen box.