How to turn a PS5 off and on

It's simple.

Screengrab via CES

With Sony’s new PlayStation 5 launching around the world today, millions of players are going to be opening their system to get their first taste of next-gen gaming.

PlayStation has done an incredible job of streamlining the setup process to make it as fast and simple as possible for new gamers. Not everyone playing the console will have been the person who set it up, however, and that means simple things can be sometimes forgotten.

One thing you are going to need to know is how the system can be powered on and off. It may seem simple, but there are multiple ways in which a user can do that.

How to turn the PS5 on and off

Using the console

The simplest way to turn the console on and off is by utilizing the buttons on the system itself. On the front panel, you will see either one or two buttons depending on the model of PS5 you have. On the standard model, there will be an eject button alongside the power button that is not present on its digital counterpart.

Simply press the power button, which is the one located closest to the edge of the console, and your system should either boot on or off.

Using a controller

You must press the PlayStation button on the controller. This will take you to the home screen if you are in a game, but if you are on the home screen, it will bring up another menu.

The method of holding the PlayStation button to bring up the power menu that is used on the PS4 and PS3 is no longer available. Now you must click the PlayStation button until you are through to the screenshot menu, from which you will scroll to the far right at the bottom, and select power.

Once you do this, you will see three options, enter rest mode, turn the console off, or restart PS5. As the name suggests entering rest mode will allow your PlayStation to continue with some functions such as charging remotes and updating games. Turning the console off, however, will completely halt any processes the device is working on.

To turn the PS5 back on, simply press the PlayStation button on a synchronized remote and it will boot up immediately.