Can you play Stardew Valley on Steam Deck?

The indie darling gets the green checkmark.

steam deck vs aya neo next specs
Image via Steam

The Steam Deck is finally here, with units currently shipping out to first-round reservation holders. Along with the launch, Valve has created the Great on Deck page where you can check the availability of some of the top games on Steam, one of which is indie-darling Stardew Valley.

While plenty of games have yet to be blessed with the great experience on Steam Deck tag, this isn’t the case for the ConcernedApe-developed phenomenon. Stardew Valley is listed on the Great on Deck page as a great experience on the Steam Deck, meaning it’s playable on the handheld with no additional tweaking. Many other titles haven’t made it there yet, but you can get to making your grandfather proud in Stardew Valley or become a disappointment by shopping at JojaMart, whatever works best for your new handheld run.

Valve’s Steam Deck is just now getting to players with reservations, but the company still has its work cut out for itself in terms of verifying the entire Steam catalog. While some titles have been labeled as straight-up Unsupported on the Steam Deck Verified games list, others have been hit with the tags Playable and Verified. A game tagged as Playable on the Steam Deck Verified games list indicates that the title didn’t pass all of Valve’s compatibility tests or that it will need some tweaking to run smoothly. Verified, on the other hand, means that a game has met all of the required compatibility checks. These are the games you’ll see on the Great on Deck page.

Rolling reservations for the Steam Deck are now open with an expected ship window of Q2 2022. To check if your full Steam library is compatible with the Steam Deck, you can use the CheckMyDeck tool with the help of this guide.

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