Can you play Rainbow Six Siege on Steam Deck?

Prepare to not breach and clear.

Image via Ubisoft

Steam Deck launched with hundreds of titles ready to roll on day one. Some of these include ARK: Survival Evolved, Stardew Valley, and more. But many of the titles listed on the Great on Deck page are single-player or co-op experiences that don’t feature third-party anti-cheat, which is concerning for Rainbow Six Siege fans.

Despite Proton being compatible with third-party anti-cheat software like BattlEye and the Epic-owned Easy Anti-Cheat, there’s no evidence to support that Rainbow Six Siege is playable on the Steam Deck. The game’s compatibility was tested on Feb. 15 and marked as Unsupported due to third-party software, according to the Steam Deck Verified game list.

While this seems like a nail in the coffin for 99 percent of competitive games, there could be a bounce-back in the Steam Deck’s future. It’s early in the Steam Deck’s life cycle, and while there seems to be room for improvement regarding anti-cheat—according to Epic CEO Tim Sweeney—the platform could still raise more support for competitive games with third-party software down the line.

The Steam Deck is shipping out to first-round reservation holders now but rolling reservations are currently open. Those who reserve their Steam Deck today are looking at a Q2 2022 ship window. But if you’re looking for a competitive experience on Steam Deck, be sure to double check your favorite title’s compatibility before going all in.