Can you play Dying Light 2 on Steam Deck?

Dying Light 2 makes an appearance on Steam Deck.

Image via Techland

February played host to many high-profile gaming releases. In just one month gamers gained access to much-anticipated titles like Dying Light 2 and hardware like Valve’s Steam Deck. Shipping out in the same month, being able to play Dying Light 2 on Steam Deck seems like a no-brainer, but it isn’t so simple with every game.

Luckily for Dying Light 2 fans who moonlight as Steam Deck early adopters, the zombie-infested game appears to be playable on Steam Deck judging by gameplay videos as well as evidence found on the Great on Deck page and Steam Verified games list. While Dying Light 2 isn’t deemed a great experience on Steam Deck, the original Dying Light is. Pairing the original’s compatibility with the footage of Dying Light 2 at around 34 to 42fps makes a convincing case for the newly released zombie romp’s playability on Steam Deck.

Since other technical issues hampered Dying Light 2 at launch, you may still encounter the odd bug or two. The game hasn’t officially been tested by Valve, but considering its younger sibling has already been verified, it’s not a stretch to say this one may not be far down the road.

If you need to make sure your Steam library is compatible with the Steam Deck, go ahead and visit the Great on Deck page or use the CheckMyDeck tool alongside this guide.