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Brighten up your build.

Image via Corsair

RGB lighting kits are an inexpensive way for users to customize their PC and showcase their style. Placing lighting strips in certain areas of the PC case can brighten it up or compliment other RGB components like static pressure fans or RGB motherboards.

Modern lighting kits are easy to install and can be configured with a remote control or smartphone app. Many of them fix into place with a magnet or adhesive tape and can be easily removed. While RGB lighting isn’t a critical component that improves performance, it looks great and makes a PC stand out.

These are the best RGB lighting kits on the market.

Best PC lighting kit

Corsair iCUE Lighting Node

Image via Corsair

Corsair’s iCUE Lighting Node provides an all-in-one solution to add RGB strips to a PC and sync them with other components like fans. The pack includes four RGB strips and the Lighting Node Pro. There’s also a USB cable and mounting tape shipped with the product. The USB cable connects the Node to the motherboard, and the mounting tape makes it easy to install. 

Corsair includes four lighting strips with the Lightning Node. Each strip has 10 individually addressable LEDs on the front and magnets and adhesive on the back for easy installation. The strips can also daisy-chain together to extend their length.

The best thing about this lighting system is its software. Corsair’s iCUE software is simple and allows users to control all the RGB components on a single interface. This software makes it easy for users to sync the lighting strips with fans, the motherboard, or other components. It also makes it easy to add more RGB lighting in the future.

This lighting kit doesn’t come cheap, but it includes all the hardware and software required to light up a system. One of the drawbacks of the Lightning Node is that the software only works with other Corsair products and won’t integrate with equipment from other brands.

Best multipurpose lighting kit

Philips Hue Bluetooth Smart Lightstrip

Image via Philips

The Philips Hue Bluetooth Smart Lightstrip is a multipurpose option that can work with computer equipment or attach to walls and other surfaces. It comes with a power adapter and a 6-foot lighting strip.

Smart connectivity makes the Philips Hue easy and convenient to use. These light strips have Bluetooth connectivity and are compatible with the Philips Hue App. The app is also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, so users can issue voice commands to change the lighting effects.

If users require advanced functionality, they can buy the Philips Hue bridge. This device expands the number of lights that can work with the kit from 10 to 50. The Hue Bridge adds Apple Homekit compatibility and opens up advanced functions like automated schedules and syncing the lights with movies or music.

The Philips Hue has outstanding connectivity options, but it’s quite expensive. It’s only worth it for buyers who prefer Bluetooth connectivity and app control. Those looking for a basic lighting system without wireless capability are better served by other options on this list. 

Best value lighting kit

Maxonar LED Strip Lights

Image via Maxonar

Maxonar’s LED Strip Lights offers outstanding value by including a long light strip for a reasonable price. It costs less than the Philips Hue and the Lightning Node, but the kit comes with a massive 32.8-foot lighting strip.

Compared to the other lighting kits mentioned so far, the Maxonar set has more versatility. Its incredible length makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use, and it’s also waterproof. This lighting kit has an IP65 rating, meaning it can handle small quantities of dust and light water sprays from any direction. Users can also cut the strip after every three LEDs if they want a multi-display effect. 

Everything required to run the Maxonar kit ships in the box. Apart from the lighting strip, there’s a power adapter and an LED controller. Maxonar adds DIY mounting accessories like screws, buckles, and strip connector adapters to make it easier for users to install the kit. While the Maxonar kit has Alexa compatibility, it requires an Echo device to work.

Part of the appeal of the Maxonar lighting kit is its simplicity. There’s no need for software or apps, and it works with a simple plug-and-play system. The length of the strip on the Maxonar kit far exceeds what the Lighting Node and Philips Hue offer and costs much less. 

Best easy-to-install lighting kit

Corsair iCUE LS100

Image via Corsair

Corsair’s iCUE LS100 is similar to the Lighting Node, but the included strips aren’t flexible. The strips on the LS100 have a thick black base making them hard to fold or twist. But the strips can still daisy-chain to work together.

Compared to the Maxonar kit, the strips included in the LS100 kit are short and can’t be cut. Corsair includes two long and two short lighting strips in the LS100 Kit. The two long strips have 27 individually addressable LEDs apiece, and the two short strips have 15 LEDs on each one. The included magnetic clips and adhesive pads make it easy to mount the lighting strips.

Like on the Lighting Node, the LS100 works with Corsair’s iCUE software. Users can sync the LS100 with the Lighting Node or any other Corsair devices attached to the system. 

While the lighting on the LS100 is bright and vivid, it has limited uses. The lighting strips are fairly short, and their lack of flexibility restricts the number of mounting options. Considering all the parts shipped in the kit, it’s also very expensive.  Despite its shortcomings, the LS100 is still a solid choice for its durable build quality and easy installation.  

Best budget lighting strip

Novostella 20ft/6m RGB Strip Light Kit

Image by Novastella via Amazon

Buyers in need of a more affordable lighting solution might consider the Novostella RGB Strip Light Kit. This lighting kit costs a fraction of the alternative on his list because it’s basic and doesn’t have any Bluetooth connectivity or app control.

Despite its low price, the Novostella RGB kit features a long strip ideal for a PC or ambient room lighting. The strip is 20-feet long and houses 180 LEDs. It also has 20 available colors with eight presets available. Mounting the lighting strip is simple, thanks to the adhesive backing.

Instead of an app, this RGB kit works with an RF remote control. The 44-button remote control is easy to use and allows the buyer to switch between the different colors and presets.

Novostella’s RGB Strip Light Kit doesn’t have any software or Bluetooth connectivity, but it’s still a viable option. It offers an inexpensive way to add RGB lighting and allows easy remote control access. 

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