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Image via Amazon

7 best gaming standing desks in 2024

Improve your posture with a standing gaming desk.

We’re so used to gaming submerged in our fancy gaming chairs and couches that it’s easy to forget there’s the option to stand up and continue on your quest. Today, we’ll take a good look at the very best gaming standing desks and the different experiences they bring along.

Gaming can be immensely fun, but also exhausting on your body, particularly if you’re prone to engaging in extended sessions. Even if you’re sinking into the best gaming couches of 2024 on a daily basis, your body would still appreciate a little change of scenery now and then. A great way to inject some variety into your gaming sessions is via a standing desk.

Standing desks are a hot commodity among home office workers looking to get out of the chair, but there are also more specialized gaming standing desks that provide comforts and features tailored toward the gaming community. As always, we will try to cover every user need, from the full-feature gamer desk to the more simple, yet equally effective standing desks.

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1. Bestier 63 Inch Large L Shaped Standing Desk

Bestier 63 Inch Large L Shaped Standing Desk with two full PC builds on it, in a purple room
This desk makes you feel like Batm…ah, forget it. Image via Amazon
Key Specs• Depth – 63 inches
• Width – 55.12 inches
• Height – 33.5-51.6 inches
What we like about it• Goes higher than most standing desks
• Lots of space
• High quality, resilient carbon fiber surface
What we don’t like about it• Shorter users may find this desk too high
• Limited features for the price
Where To BuyView at Amazon ($330)
Product breakdown for Bestier 63 Inch Large L Shaped Standing Desk

This Bestier gaming standing desk combines style and substance. It provides many little comforts for gamers and workers alike. For starters, you’ll have more space on this desk than you’ll probably ever need due to its L-shaped design and the dedicated monitor stand that creates even more space. You can build a double or triple monitor set on this 63-inch standing desk and have room to spare, that’s how large it is.

You get three programmable height settings for easy access in addition to the regular height regulation, which goes from 33.5 to 51.6 inches. This is the one potential weakness of this product. While it’s sure to please taller users, the 33.5-inch minimum height could be a little too high for others. If that’s not an issue, you can enjoy a pair of headset hooks, a USB port, and a waterproof and scratch-resistant, stylish carbon fiber surface with this Bestier standing desk.

2. Bestier L Shaped Electric Stand Up Desk

Bestier L Shaped Electric Stand Up Desk with two monitors on top, a PC case, keyboard, and headset underneath it, in a gray room
It would be a pity if your PC case can’t fit into the case slot. Image via Amazon
Key Specs• Depth – 31.5 inches
• Width – 57.5 inches
• Height – 28.5-46.5 inches
What we like about it• Dedicated space for a PC case
• Slots for headsets, drinks, and other items
• Keyboard tray
What we don’t like about it• Relatively small surface
Where To BuyView at Amazon ($270)
Product breakdown for Bestier L Shaped Electric Stand Up Desk

Bestier knows how to please with its standing desks, big or small. This is a compact L-shaped gaming standing desk that is equally adept at serving as a full-time home office. Some familiar perks, like the customizable height settings and the pair of headset hooks, make a return and are accompanied by even more quality-of-life features.

You can now slot your PC case into a dedicated under-table space instead of trying to find a place for it on top or on the floor. A pegboard on the side can be used to store smaller items. As for your drinks, you can rest those on the left side of the desk in a foldable cup holder. Even your keyboard won’t take space on the main table, instead sliding into a tray underneath it.

3. Klobel X-Win Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Klobel X-Win Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk with a full PC build and a monitor displaying a girl, in a blue room
Ignore the anime chick for a moment and take a look at that cool desk. Image via Amazon
Key Specs• Depth – 31.5 inches
• Width – 71 inches
• Height – 28.4-46 inches
What we like about it• Extra wide
• Can support a lot of weight
• Controller stand
• LED lights
What we don’t like about it• Smaller height range
Where To BuyView at Amazon ($440)
Product breakdown for Klobel X-Win Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

The Klobel X-Win desk stands firmly in its place in the most literal sense, providing a solid, space-rich gaming desk with several quality-of-life features. You can throw several PCs, monitors, and consoles on top of this behemoth and it still wouldn’t budge with its 220-pound weight capacity. You can probably do that too, thanks to the 71-inch wide surface.

Height adjustment goes from 28.4 to 46 inches, which is a slightly smaller range than most contemporaries, yet should suffice for most folks’ needs. The extras you get with Klobel X-Win include a controller stand with a pair of USB ports, a headset hook, cool LED lights, and even a large mousepad. Finally, the desk comes with a set of caster wheels for easy mobility.

4. Innovar Glass Gaming Desk

Innovar Glass Gaming Desk with two green monitors on top, in a white room
This desk doesn’t get along well with sticky fingers. Image via Amazon
Key Specs• Depth – 24 inches
• Width – 55 inches
• Height – 28.3-46.5 inches
What we like about it• Glass surface
• Allows gaming without a mouse pad
• Wide color variety
• Easy to clean
What we don’t like about it• Low depth
• Will require frequent cleaning
Where To BuyView at Amazon ($350)
Product breakdown for Innovar Glass Gaming Desk

We won’t even try to pretend that this desk’s main appeal isn’t the glass surface. It’s not all the Innovar gaming standing desk has to offer, but it’s such a loud fashion statement that we can’t stop marveling at it. Keeping the glass shiny clean is an easy job, but you will have to clean it more often than you would with pretty much any other surface. We say the cool factor is more than worth it though.

In addition to the cool look, Innovar claims that the glass is suitable for smooth mouse movement without the necessity of a mouse pad. We’re a bit more skeptical about that one. Does it work? Yes. Would it satisfy more competitive gamers? Unlikely. Height can be adjusted between 28.3 and 46.5 inches, there’s a headset hook on the side and a drawer underneath the surface. Innovar’s gaming standing desk comes in 48 and 55-inch varieties and in half a dozen different colors.

5. Rolanstar Standing Desk with LED Lights & Charging Station

Rolanstar Standing Desk with LED Lights & Charging Station shining with a blue light, in a white room
Is it just us or does this desk kind of look like a piano? Image via Amazon
Key Specs• Depth – 22.44 inches
• Width – 55.12 inches
• Height – 28.3-45.7 inches
What we like about it• Beautiful LED lights
• Wide customization
• Great connectivity
What we don’t like about it• Low depth
• Relatively low height
Where To BuyView at Amazon ($130)
Product breakdown for Rolanstar Standing Desk with LED Lights & Charging Station

You know what time it is. It’s time for the obligatory RGB recommendation. The Rolanstar standing desk is imbued with beautiful LED lights that immediately drench its immediate surroundings with a gaming atmosphere. Seven colors and 12 display modes provide more than enough customization to make your desk a natural part of your PC build.

You also get the perks of two AC outlets, two USB ports, and even a Type C port, which is still absent from a lot of PC cases, yet you can have one on your desk. The dedicated monitor stand creates more space for the mouse and keyboard or any other accessories you may want to stash on top of your desk, and of course, there’s also the mandatory headset hook.

6. JWX Standing Adjustable Desk

JWX Standing Adjustable Desk on a white background
This standing desk also comes with a walnut surface. Image via Amazon
Key Specs• Depth – 29.5 inches
• Width – 63 inches
• Height – 28.75-46.43 inches
What we like about it• Large size and comfortable shape
• Support for right and left-handed users
• Several QoL features
What we don’t like about it• No monitor stand or keyboard tray
• No connectivity ports
• High price
Where To BuyView at Amazon ($400)
Product breakdown for JWX Standing Adjustable Desk

The JWX gaming standing desk is wide to begin with, but the expanded surface on one side guarantees that you’ll have all the space you need for ultra fast flicks. The cool part is that this desk comes in variants for right and left-handed people, so no one gets left behind. You can also pick between a carbon fiber or a walnut surface. Height can be adjusted between 28.75 and 46.43 inches.

The caster wheels that come with the set allow for easy maneuvering. Other extras that come with this desk are a headset hook, a cup holder, a cable management kit, and a large size mouse pad. This standing desk is ready to be rolled out and gamed on.

7. Claiks Electric Standing Desk

Claiks Electric Standing Desk with a monitor on top, backpack and headset hanging from it, in a white room
Basic doesn’t equal bad in our book. Image via Amazon
Key Specs• Depth – 24 inches
• Width – 48 inches
• Height – 28.3-46.5 inches
What we like about it• Solid build
• Silent motor
• Wide color variety
• Multiple models ranging in size and storage
What we don’t like about it• No monitor stand or keyboard tray
• Lacks any meaningful QoL features
Where To BuyView at Amazon ($120)
Product breakdown for Claiks Electric Standing Desk

If you don’t need half a dozen gaming features and are simply looking for a durable standing desk you can do your gaming on, look no further. Claiks are the most basic gaming standing desks you can get, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. These are very sturdy thanks to a steel foundation, very soothing to the eye thanks to various color schemes, and very silent while the motor is adjusting the height anywhere between 28.3 and 46.5 inches.

There’s not much in terms of features, particularly on the base model we’re showing, but you do get a couple of headset hooks and the option to pre-set up to three custom heights. You can find way more in terms of storage with other desks from the same Claiks line, or buy an extra small mobile standing desk if you’re short on space or just like to move around easily.

How we created this list of standing desks

As gamers and journalists, we are bound to spend a lot of time sitting in one place, which is why we value the opportunities presented by gaming standing desks so highly. Being able to change your posture on a whim can do wonders for your body’s durability, which is why we’ve tried and tested more than one or two standing desks.

We then proceeded to compare our mostly positive experiences with users across the internet, and last but not least, the experts who put in the work to tell us exactly what to look for in a good standing desk. All of that drove us to the final destination—our list of the best gaming standing desks.

Gaming standing desks FAQs

Are standing desks good for gaming?

Yes, standing desks are good for gaming and even more so for the gamer. Your body will be thankful if you alternate between different postures during long gaming sessions, and while gaming while standing up might feel weird at first, you’ll get used to it quickly and never look back.

Is standing while gaming more healthy than sitting?

Few things are universally good or bad, and this is no different. Moderation is the key, which is why virtually all standing desks are also fit for sitting down. The idea isn’t so much to stand up for 10 hours straight, but to change your posture and reduce the risks that both prolonged sitting and standing can present.

Is a 55-inch desk good for gaming?

Unless you are NBA center tall and use five keyboards at the same time, a 55-inch desk will be plenty wide enough for all your gaming needs.

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