Best gaming chairs with speakers

Get more boom in your room.

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Clear, reliable sound allows players to experience the world they’re exploring in all its glory and gives them the edge in battle.

Many players use expensive headsets or surround speakers, but a gaming chair with built-in speakers is sometimes a more practical option. Built-in speakers save space while providing immersive sound since they’re located near the user’s ears. Some gaming chairs also feature a subwoofer for extra bass and include a vibration function to kick things up.

These are the best gaming chairs with speakers.

Best overall

X Rocker Typhoon

Image via X Rocker

X Rocker’s Typhoon is one of the best gaming chairs around because it features a 4.1 surround system instead of the usual 2.1 type. This chair goes the extra mile by having two speakers in the seat, two on the headrest, and a subwoofer in the backrest.

Another area where this chair shines is its connectivity options. The panel on the chair’s right side has a 3.5-millimeter jack for users to connect their TV or console, and there’s also a Bluetooth option. If users want to connect the Typhoon with a Bluetooth connection, all they have to do is plug the supplied digital-to-analog converter (DAC) into the TV or console, and it transmits to the chair. Other useful tools on the control panel include separate bass and treble controls and a USB port.

Comfort is just as important as sound quality when choosing a gaming chair. The Typhoon has ample padding covered in black polyurethane (PU) leather with gold stripes running down its length. X Rocker’s Typhoon has a 250-pound weight capacity, and when it’s not being used, it can fold away for easy storage.

Having one of the best speaker systems and flexible connectivity makes the Typhoon a solid choice for users looking for built-in sound at an affordable price. 

Best value

GTRacing GT890M

Image via GTRacing

For almost half the price of the X Rocker Typhoon, the GTRacing GT890M presents a strong value. This gaming chair features the racing seat design known for its comfort and adjustability. Like most racing chairs, it has a metal frame covered in high-density foam and PU leather upholstery. Unlike the Typhoon—which is only available in one color—the GT890M is available in multiple options like Sakura Pink, Blue, Red, and Gray. A couple of convenience features include cooling vents on the headrest and removable back and neck cushions.

Adjustability is one of the main advantages of a racing chair. The GT890M has a rocker function, and it can recline up to 160 degrees. Users can also adjust the armrests up and down and swivel them left and right. It’s also easy to adjust the chair’s height up and down, making it ideal for users of all heights.

Compared to the Typhoon with a 4.1 system, the GT890M only has a pair of speakers built into the backrest. The speakers use a Bluetooth transmitter to work, and they can connect to devices like laptops and mobile phones. A significant disadvantage to this system is that the transmitter is battery-operated with a six-hour runtime. The short battery life means users either have to keep the transmitter plugged in or wait until it dies before charging it. 

Although the GT890M can’t compete with the Typhoon’s sound quality, it makes up for it in other areas. The GT890M boasts greater adjustability, more color options, and it doesn’t cost a fortune.

Best pedestal rocker

Brazen Panther Elite 2.1

Image via Brazen

Some gaming chairs offer a vibration function to add to the booming bass from the speakers. Brazen’s Panther Elite 2.1 gaming chair has a similar pedestal design to the X Rocker Typhoon but has fewer speakers. There’s a 2.1 sound system with speakers on either side of the headrest and a subwoofer in the backrest. 

One of the Panther Elite 2.1’s best features is its vibration function. This function has three motors located in the backrest and seat that work together with the game’s sound to provide a more immersive feel. One of the drawbacks is that the vibration feature is linked to the volume controls, meaning users can’t change the vibration settings without adjusting the volume settings.

Many of the design elements on the Panther Elite 2.1 emulate the Typhoon chair. It shares the Typhoon’s PU leather upholstery, armrests, and folding feature. Unlike the Typhoon, the Panther Elite 2.1 has a square-shaped backrest with no tapering towards the headrest. Users can get this chair with several trim options like Green, Purple, and Red.

The Panther Elite 2.1 puts players in the center of the action with its vibration and sound capabilities. It also has the most color options of any chair on this list, but it’s better suited for console players than PC users.

Best racing-style gaming chair

Riotoro Spitfire X1S Plus

Image via Riotoro

Users looking to add some flair to their setup can check out the Riotoro Spitfire X1S Plus. Riotoro’s gaming chair has the same racing seat design as the GT890M, but it has built-in RGB lighting in addition to Bluetooth speakers. RGB strips run along the edges of the seat and backrest, creating a vibrant effect. A wireless remote is provided to switch between presets or configure the colors and speed of the lighting.

Apart from the lighting strips, the Spitfire X1S Plus uses a standard racing seat design resembling GT890M. It comes in black PU leather with bolsters on the seat and backrest. Like the GT890M, the Spitfire X1S Plus comes with neck and lumbar support pillows and air vents in the headrest.

The Bluetooth speakers are located in the same place on the headrest as the GT980M. The Bluetooth 3.0 easily connects to devices like laptops and mobile phones. Riotoro’s racing chair also has built-in power-saving features and automatically turns off after ten minutes if there’s no connection and after 30 minutes if there’s no sound.

A major drawback to the Riotoro chair is that there’s no power adapter included with the chair to power the lighting and sound. Users have to purchase a separate USB power bank with at least a 20,000mAh rating to experience the Spitfire X1S Plus’ full capabilities.

Riotoro’s Spitfire X1S Plus offers similar features to the GT890M, but it’s almost double the price due to the built-in RGB lighting. Considering the high price, it’s disappointing that users must buy a separate power bank to get the features to work.

Best floor rocker

X Rocker Pro Series SE+

Image via X Rocker

Floor rockers are ideal for console players looking for a compact chair with superb mobility. The X Rocker Pro Series SE+ is easy to move because of its small size, and it also folds in half for easy storage.

Unlike the Typhoon and other X Rocker gaming chairs, the Pro Series SE+ has a subtle design. There are no stripes or bright accents. Instead, this rocker uses plain black PU leather with subtle stitching. As with most X Rocker chairs, the Pro Series SE+ features built-in speakers. Users control the built-in speakers with the panel on the chair’s right side.

Compared to the Typhoon, the Pro Series SE+ has fewer speakers. Instead of a 4.1 system, the Pro Series SE+ only has two speakers in the headrest and a subwoofer on the backrest. An area where the Pro Series SE+ emulates the Typhoon is the option of wired or Bluetooth connectivity. The Bluetooth connectivity works with PCs and consoles through a provided DAC. The DAC plugs into the audio port and draws power from the USB port of the PC or console. Users can fine-tune the sound with separate bass and treble controls. Like the Typhoon and the Panther Elite 2.1, there’s a vibration function for even more immersion.

Floor rockers aren’t for everyone, but they’re great for younger gamers or console gamers. X Rocker’s Pro Series SE+ takes things a step further by adding built-in sound and vibration without being too expensive. If you’re looking for a quality rocker with built-in speakers but want to avoid sitting on the ground, the Typhoon is a better rocker option.

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