Sabinater: “I think I’ll have a lot of weight put on my shoulders being the new fourth of this team”

Ronin’s new player talks about his journey to becoming a pro and being Spartan’s replacement.

Photo via Halo Waypoint

Ronin Esports unexpectedly released Tyler “Spartan” Ganza days after surviving relegation at DreamHack Atlanta and qualifying for the next season of HCS Pro League on July 22.

In doing so, Ronin was forced to search for a new player capable of filling the spot vacated by Spartan. Four days after the change, Ronin announced Sabur “Sabinater” Hakimi as the new fourth for their team.

Sabinater is a 16-year-old Halo player who proved his potential to everyone when he placed top six at DreamHack Atlanta under eRa Eternity.

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Dot Esports spoke with the young player to understand how he progressed so rapidly at a young age, and to get a sense of how he feels, knowing the big shoes he has to fill.

How did you come in contact with Ronin?

Sabinater: I was approached by eL ToWn, one of the Ronin members, and he asked me to join.

How long have you been practicing with this team prior to the announcement?

We haven’t practiced as a full team yet, but I have played with them separately for a few days now.

How do you think you have progressed in this scene so rapidly?

I played a lot of matchmaking, which helped me get my name out there and helped me get really good. Also, getting picked up by eRa was big for me—teaming with two former pros and a top amateur player. Getting top six with this team shows that I can compete with any of these pro teams.

Do you feel any kind of weight being put on your shoulders since you are replacing Spartan?

Yes, Spartan is a very skilled player. I think I’ll have a lot of weight put on my shoulders being the new fourth of this team.

How would you describe the atmosphere of this team?

I haven’t played much with the team but I’m sure that we’ll all get along quite well and have a fun time playing together.

Lastly, for those who may not know who you are, who are you?

I’m just a dedicated Halo player who grinds and wants to keep improving.

Other than Sabinater, the rest of the Ronin Halo lineup now includes Cory “Str8 Sick” Sloss, Ayden “Suspector” Hill, and Visal “eL ToWn” Mohanan. Sabinater appears to be very committed to taking full advantage of the opportunity given to him. Very few people get a chance to compete in the pro league at such a young age, but Ronin sees great potential in this young player.

The Halo community is definitely eager to see Sabinater’s impact on this team next season.