How to complete Shadow Over Ban Pa in Gray Zone Warfare
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Gray Zone Warfare: The Shadow Over Ban Pa quest guide – How to scout all entry points

Time to investigate some cult activity.

Handshake wants you to break away from the locations surrounding your Base Camp in Gray Zone Warfare. There have been rumors about a cult that has taken over Ban Pa, and he wants to send you out there to check it out.

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As you might expect, it’s a new location to explore, meaning there are more hostiles to find when you arrive. Thankfully, the only thing you need to do for this quest is to track down the correct locations and explore the area before reporting back to Handshake. It’s a more straightforward mission than others in Gray Zone Warfare, but you must ensure you scout the correct entry points.

Where to find entry points for Ban Pa in Gray Zone Warfare

All Entry Point locations in Ban Pa in Gray Zone Warfare
You need to find two entry points—one in the north and one to the south. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The two entry points you need to find in Ban Pa are north and south of the village. These entry points look like large gates on the town’s main road. If you zoom in on your map, you can see a clear line directly through the village, and if you follow it in Gray Zone Warfare, you should be able to hit both of them. 

But I recommend going somewhere other than directly through the village. It’s a location with multiple NPCs patrolling the area and numerous buildings covered in trees and bushes. It’s difficult to tell where the NPCs are coming from, especially when they start shooting at you. You’re better off starting at the beginning landing zone, grabbing the closest entrance, and then skirting around the north side of the village. There’s a fishing area to the south that you want to avoid, crawling with enemies. You can compare it to Hunter’s Paradise when completing The Brave and the Carnivore quest.

This number of NPCs makes Ban Pa a great looting area if you have plenty of room in your backpack and vest. However, if you want to focus on the mission, grabbing the two entrances and quickly returning to the landing zone is your best option. I had trouble returning to the landing zone after grabbing both entrances, but I could escape.

After you complete this task, return to your Base Camp and speak with Handshake. He’ll reward you for your trouble, and you can expect more missions at Ban Pa as you progress through Gray Zone Warfare.

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