Convenience Store in Gray Zone Warfare.
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Gray Zone Warfare: How to save inventory space in GZW

Tips for being efficient.

As you complete more and more tasks in Gray Zone Warfare, the inventory space you have becomes increasingly important, as later tasks require you to deploy and return with some pretty sizable items.

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Even with a full kit of gear that offers the maximum amount of inventory space possible, you can easily and quickly fill your inventory slots, especially if you find bigger pieces of gear like backpacks, plate carriers, and tactical rigs. But there are a handful of ways you can save on inventory space in Gray Zone Warfare.

How to maximize inventory space in Gray Zone Warfare

Use the MFAK containers to store your medical equipment

Player inventory screen highlighting medical item storage in Gray Zone Warfare.
A full kit of medical items can fit in the SafeLock container. Screenshot by Dot Esports.

Mini first aid kits are small one-slot items that contain two slots for medical equipment such as pain pills, bandages, tourniquets, surgical kits, or blood bags. The MFAK containers effectively cut the amount of space you need for medical items in half.

If you’re like me, you take every medical item you could possibly need into the field, so being able to turn a collection of medical items that normally take up eight inventory slots into just four is a huge space saver. Plus, once you rank up your reputation with Lab Rat, you’ll likely have access to bigger first aid kits that save you even more space.

Don’t bring more than one extra clip, just bring extra bullets

During my first few runs in Gray Zone Warfare, I was typically grabbing an AK off an enemy corpse and fitting as many magazines as I could into my carriers. But you really only need one magazine to reload in any given situation, as long as you have a stack of ammunition with you.

When a magazine is not currently being used, you can instantly reload it by right-clicking it in your inventory and selecting the correct ammo type with the Load option. By taking just one additional second to do this after attaching a fresh magazine, you can get your replacement magazine right back to full capacity for the next reload. And if you’re finding several magazines off empty corpses, you can instantly take the bullets from those too.

Skip on food and drink

Energy drink left on a seat in Gray Zone Warfare.
There’s the energy I need. Screenshot by Dot Esports.

If you’re planning to complete just one or two tasks in the town nearest your faction’s base camp, you can probably skip on taking food or drink with you. Many of the enemy combatants have a drink can, food item, or both on their person, and many of the buildings have these items spread out as well.

If you plan on covering a long distance in your next deployment, you can consider taking a water bottle and a couple of snacks with you. Otherwise, just get your next meal or drink off the next corpse you find.

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