YouTuber creates life-sized Mario Kart car that’s a ‘cardboard copy’ of the one in the game

It's every kid's childhood dream car brought to life.

Image via Nintendo

YouTube DanCreator lived out the dream of many children after he built a life-sized kart from Mario Kart.

DanCreator took the popular phrase carbon copy to another level when he created a “cardboard copy” of Mario Kart 8’s most popular feature, Mario’s racing kart.

The 16-minute video showcased how DanCreator built the life-sized kart all through cardboard material. Throughout the video, viewers will watch the kart start out as just normal pieces of cardboard before DanCreator shows off his creativity and builds the base of the kart before assembling it all together to create the shape of the kart itself. Finally, he spraypaints the signature red, white, and blue Mario colors onto the cardboard kart replica to bring it to life.

In addition to the life-sized kart, DanCreator created a life-sized Mario Kart 8 Arcade machine with neon lights across the sides and an actual functioning screen in the middle. 

These two masterful creations, all created from simple pieces of cardboard, showcase DanCreator’s creativity, which has led to a following of over 400,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, where you can see more of his different creations centered around using cardboard.

Fans of Mario Kart 8 now have even more content to enjoy through the Booster Course Pass, which released its first set of tracks in March. These remastered courses will come in batches of eight until 2023 and provide racers with new and exciting renovations to some of the game’s most popular tracks.