Xbox Series X games event reportedly taking place on July 23

The event will showcase the first Halo Infinite gameplay, alongside other titles.

Image via Microsoft

The Xbox Series X games showcase will happen during the week of July 20, according to journalist Jeff Grubb and VGC. Grubb only tweeted a notepad screengrab of the upcoming schedule for summer events. But he wrote that the “Xbox Game Studios reveal” will happen the week of July 20, while VGC reported the event will take place on July 23.

This event follows the Xbox 20/20 monthly event, which started in May with the Inside Xbox livestream. In the July event, Microsoft will likely showcase a series of first-party Xbox Series X games, including Halo Infinite. Fans can expect Halo Infinite gameplay to potentially be displayed during the event.

The July event will primarily focus on Series X games developed by Xbox Game Studios, but it will also reveal other titles coming from third-party publishers, according to VGC. The Initiative, a company formed in 2018 by veteran Tomb Raider, God of War, and Uncharted creatives, will also unveil its first game during this event.

Xbox hasn’t said anything officially about The Initiative’s first project, except that it has the mandate to create “ambitious and innovative game experiences” for Xbox. But in an interview at E3 2018 following the studio’s announcement, head of Xbox Phil Spencer suggested it could have been established to resurrect a legacy Xbox IP.

Microsoft’s first Xbox 20/20 show in May focused on third-party games, like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Fans were disappointed with the livestream, though, since they expected Valhalla gameplay but only saw cinematics. Many were waiting for the Xbox Series S reveal in June, but Microsoft didn’t organize an Xbox 20/20 event for last month. The Xbox Series S reportedly won’t be revealed until August, so fans will probably only see game reveals this month.