Xbox Live is experiencing connectivity issues

Sit tight, Xbox gamers.

Image via Microsoft

Xbox Live is experiencing some connectivity issues today, preventing players from signing into the network, launching games, or launching Cloud Gaming sessions.

Players began reporting the issue swiftly and Xbox Support was quick to post that it was investigating the problem. The account soon said it was continuing to investigate and later said the issue was resolved, but many players are still reporting problems signing online.

“Xbox Live” began to trend on Twitter this afternoon shortly after the issues popped up, showing just how many fans of games and Xbox titles were looking to play online today and ran into the problem.

Issues like this pop up periodically throughout any given week, but they’re quickly fixed in most cases. Extended downtime is a rarity, with likely hundreds of people working on fixing whatever ills the gaming service.

Earlier this week, Microsoft added PC cloud streaming and new remote play options in a new Xbox app update, offering gamers even more flexibility on how, when, and where they’re able to play games, like the myriad of options in Xbox Game Pass.

In any event, today’s issues will most likely subside soon enough considering that Xbox has said it’s fixed the problem. Any further problems might require a system restart or just some good old patience.