Microsoft adds PC cloud streaming, new remote play options in Xbox app update

Windows 10 users just got a lot of new options for how to play their Xbox library.

Image via Microsoft

Microsoft has updated its Xbox app, which will now allow users to stream games on Xbox Game Pass from the cloud or any title from their consoles directly to their Windows 10 PC via remote play. 

This opens the door for more players to enjoy certain titles without necessarily needing a PC or laptop with the specs to run a game thanks to cloud gaming or running it remotely on their Xbox console. 

Starting now, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members in 22 countries can access Game Pass games directly from the cloud using the Xbox app on their Windows 10 PC without needing to download them at all. This feature has been in beta since August and is now in the process of rolling out fully. 

To access this new feature, players simply need to have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership and open the Xbox app on their PC. There is now a dedicated “Cloud Gaming” button that will instantly let them select from hundreds of eligible games. 

Xbox Remote Play has also been expanded to include the Xbox Series X/S, which means players can now play games on their Windows 10 PC from any Xbox One variation or Series X/S console, as long as the system and computer share the same internet connection. 

This same enhancement to the app also provides new stability updates to allow games to stream at 1080p up to 60fps and access to select Xbox 360 and original Xbox games too. Additionally, it has also been updated with new features that will simplify setting up controllers, managing your network status, social features, and more.