Wordle game help: 5 letter words starting with ‘C’ and ending with ‘K’

Here are some useful Wordle hints.

Screengrab via New York Times

Hunting for Wordle words online can be tricky since there are always many options and players have a limited number of tries.

On April 13, players might have gotten stuck with a green C and K as the first and last letter, respectively. Looking for hints online can help players think of new alternatives that can lead to the right answer more quickly. 

If you are having a hard time thinking of what to try next, check out this list in alphabetical order of five-letter words that start with C and end in K. A pro tip is to look for familiar words and if you are a Wordle fan, try to remember if any of them have already been used before. 

  • caulk
  • chalk
  • chank
  • chark
  • check
  • cheek
  • chick
  • chink
  • chirk
  • chock
  • chook
  • chuck
  • chunk
  • clack
  • clank
  • cleek
  • clerk
  • click
  • clink
  • cloak
  • clock
  • clonk
  • cluck
  • clunk
  • crack
  • crank
  • creak
  • creek
  • crick
  • croak
  • crock
  • cronk
  • crook
  • cruck
  • crunk

Some words may seem odd and they may or may not be accepted by Wordle. If you finish without success, look into the meaning of the word to increase your vocabulary for the next game or check out our other Wordle guides for inspiration.