Here’s why Sony won’t be at E3 2021

This is the second time the company has decided to miss the expo.

Image via Sony

E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, is set to take place from June 12 to 15. The expo will bring viewers the first look at upcoming projects by some of the biggest companies in gaming. But there’s one name that remains absent from this year’s event.

While Nintendo and Microsoft will both be present showcasing their upcoming projects, Sony has decided not to attend the event in 2021.

Despite a packed few days of presentations, Sony’s absence does come as a surprise given the recent launch of the PS5 console. But the company’s decision isn’t entirely unprecedented.

Why isn’t Sony attending E3 in 2021?

Image via E3

This isn’t the first time Sony has skipped out on E3. In 2020, the company also decided to miss the expo. The event wasn’t the correct venue to showcase the projects Sony was working on at the moment, according to a Sony spokesperson.

“We have great respect for the ESA as an organization, but we do not feel the vision of E3 2020 is the right venue for what we are focused on this year,” the spokesperson told

Ultimately, the E3 2020 event didn’t proceed due to COVID complications, but Sony made its thoughts on the expo heard.

Although Sony has chosen to skip out of E3 again in 2021, that doesn’t mean fans won’t get a glimpse at the company’s plans for the near future. The company was still present at CES earlier this year, showing off gameplay on its recently released PS5 console.

The company also held its own State of Play presentation in February and will likely do so again in the near future. Some things to look forward to when the event does come around are an official trailer for the highly anticipated God of War sequel, Horizon Forbidden West’s release date, and a showcase of the recently revealed PS VR headset the company is working on for its PS5 console.

What does this mean for E3?

Despite Sony’s decision to steer clear of the event over the past couple of years, Microsoft and Nintendo’s consistent support is enough to suggest that E3 is here to stay. And in 2021, it looks to be a step up from previous years.

If you want to catch the action beginning on June 12, you can do so by watching any of the livestreams on E3’s socials. You can check out the presentation times here