Why doesn’t Fang accept gifts in My Time at Sandrock?

Earning Fang's love might take a long time.

Image via Pathea Games

There are plenty of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes in My Time at Sandrock, but perhaps the most mysterious of them all is Fang, who is seen mostly with his raven X.

One of the core parts of the Sandrock experience is the ability to romance characters. Fang is one of those romanceable characters and the air of mystery that surrounds him has a lot of players vying for him. Talking to Fang will sometimes involve X in his dialogue if he’s with him, but Fang doesn’t accept gifts from players at all.

Trying to give Fang a gift will result in him telling the player to take it back.

So far, there’s been no official explanation as to why Fang doesn’t take gifts. Some fans have speculated gifting for him is broken and that it will be fixed in a later update. This theory is supported by the fact Fang still has a gift page that looks blank, just like every other character does when players start a fresh save.

Screengrab via Pathea

The only way to increase the relationship with Fang right now is to talk with him. He doesn’t have the option to spar, or to play any sort of game with him either, so talking to him once per day is currently the only option if you want to romance Fang.

Another theory as to why Fang doesn’t accept gifts is it is just part of his personality. It is possible Fang’s dislike for gifts could be explained farther into the story, but for now, players aren’t really sure. It can be argued if Fang’s gifting was broken, it would have been fixed before early access went live, and it would match his air of mystery.

Whichever theory proves correct, romancing Fang will not be easy, and because players need three hearts with a character to even date them, it will be a long time before players get to that point with him. With some perseverance and patience, Fang will eventually fall into the player’s favor.