Who is the next killer in Dead by Daylight?

Leaks are surfacing.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight is one of the most popular live-service horror games to date. Part of that fame comes from the continued attention the game receives in the form of new horror characters from popular franchises or the developer’s imagination. In addition, fans are constantly looking forward to the next killer that Behaviour Interactive has in store.

The most recent killer to release was Sadako, most widely known for her role as the antagonist in The Ring. With this killer came the introduction of a new mechanic featuring the video tape that limits how long a person can live. Sadako was released on March 15, so many players are eagerly looking toward the next killer. But there has been no official announcement yet at time of writing.

While there’s been no notice of new characters, leakers in the community have been hard at work trying to dig up some more information. And according to the famous Dead by Daylight leaker Leaks by Daylight, the next killer will be part of an anniversary celebration for the game.

The next killer will be a Behaviour Interactive original character named The Dredge, according to unconfirmed reports by LBD. The character, according to the same source, will have the ability to instantly teleport to a locker with a character in it and grab them.

The Dredge’s unique perks will reportedly include:

  • Septic Touch: When survivors try to heal in this killer’s Terror Radius, they’ll suffer from Blindness and Exhaustion for six seconds.
  • Darkness Revealed: Whenever the killer opens a locker, the auras of survives within 16 meters will show up for three seconds.
  • Dissolution: Three seconds after the killer injures a survivor, the Entity will break any pallets that a survivor fast vaults over within 16 seconds, eliminating the obstacle.

The killer will also have a new map to stomp around on called The Thompson House, according to the leak. While fans will have to wait for confirmation of this to be accurate, several screengrabs attributed to this leak look like they were pulled straight from Dead by Daylight.