Who is Let Me Solo Her? The Elden Ring god sweeping the internet

Stay out of their way and maybe you won't get hurt.

Image via FromSoftware

No matter how hard you try, there will always be bosses that you won’t be able to beat in Elden Ring. It doesn’t even have anything to do with your abilities as a player since every boss fight will be a challenge of its own.

All bosses will have mechanics that are unique to them, and you’ll need to adapt to them accordingly to have a chance at defeating them. Guides and walkthroughs will be a player’s best ally when it comes to defeating the most difficult bosses in Elden Ring, but there are a couple of foes that may make you call for backup.

Malenia is one of these bosses and a player named “Let Me Solo Her” holds her kryptonite. Elden Ring allows players to drop by others’ sessions with the summoning feature, and Let Me Solo Her has been making quite a few guest appearances. Players struggling to get through Elenaia in the past couple of weeks may have seen the summon sign of Let Me Solo Her, and they certainly live up to their name.

Once players summon Let Me Solo Her through their summon sign, he goes on to solo-kill the difficult boss. With each Elenia kill, Let Me Solo Her reputation within the Elden Ring community grew. Other players started posting fan arts to honor the legend, and a modder even implemented Let Me Solo Her into the game as a spirit ash summon.

Who is Elden Ring’s newest cult hero?

Let Me Solo Her is an avid fan of FromSoftware games and they took on the Samurai class in Elden Ring. They weren’t born with the gift of defeating Malenia all day, however. Let Me Solo Her also went through the stages of getting crushed by the boss and it took them 242 tries to finally stay alive at the end of the counter.

Throughout their tries, Let Me Solo Her also asked the help of others and grew the love the boss’ mechanics. This made him eventually decide to help others defeat Malenia while playing his new characters with the iconic dual-wielded katanas. At the time of writing, the estimations show Let Me Solo Her beat Malenia around 300 to 400 times.

Screengrab via KleinTsuboiOW/FromSoftware

If you’re struggling to go through Malenia, you can watch Elden RIng guides on how to beat her or hope that Let Me Solo Her is online to give you a quick pass.