Where to find the Mimic Tear spirit ashes in Elden Ring

Looking to get your hands on the Mimic Tear? Here's where to find it.

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Whether it’s unique and flashy weapon arts or incredibly helpful spirit summons for distraction and diversion, Elden Ring provides players with different options for combat engagement. Some of these useful tools can be found and unlocked early on in a playthrough, while others are saved for late-game and more developed characters. Regardless of when players obtain these, there are some that stand above all others and prove to be far more powerful and useful. 

One of the achievements in Elden Ring is to acquire all legendary spirit summons, or ashen remains. These ashen remains are the most powerful when fully upgraded. When players summon their spectral ally to a fight, the AI is surprisingly competent and will provide effective assistance either by damage output or distraction. But one of these ashen remains stands above the others. 

The Mimic Tear

The Mimic Tear is a legendary ashen remain available toward the middle of a playthrough, and even earlier if sought after. When players use the Mimic Tear, they will summon an AI copy of themselves to fight at their side with their current equipment at the cost of 660 HP. 

Prior to Patch 1.03, the mimic was surprisingly very competent. It would use weapon arts, ashes of war, sorceries, and more fairly liberally. In the new patch, the AI was adjusted to use more basic attacks instead of specialties. With that said, the Mimic Tear is still very good. When fully upgraded to +10, the summoned mimic has an incredibly large health pool and is capable of taking the brunt of the damage in fights. It also has access to its own flask of crimson tears, only adding to its survivability. 

Overall, the value players receive from this summon is well worth the recoverable 660 HP sacrifice. Here, we’ll go over where to find the legendary ashen remain. 

How to get the Mimic Tear

The Mimic Tear is hidden away in Nokron, the Eternal City. Once players best Starscourge Radhan in combat, stars will begin to fall from the sky in a post-battle cutscene. One of these stars crashes in the Lands Between and close to the starting Site of Grace in Limgrave. 

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On the eastern side of Limgrave, near the Minor Erdtree, players will come across a massive hole in the ground caused by this fallen star. Upon further investigation, this hole in the ground leads to the Eternal City of Nokron. Players should venture down into the crater, being mindful of potential fall damage, and progress to the Eternal City. 

As players progress further and further down the crater and enter the city, they will eventually come across a mist gate signifying a boss fight. But this time, the boss is themselves.  

Upon entering the arena, a mimic will spawn and copy the player’s current equipment. Players must defeat the mimic to continue.

One way to easily best one’s self in combat is to not have anything equipped when the mimic spawns. This will leave the mimic with nothing but their bare hands to fight. Meanwhile, players can simply equip their normal gear, or even just a weapon, and quickly defeat the mimic. 

Continuing on, players must scale the rooftops of Nokron to find the Mimic Tear. Follow the pictures below:

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From the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace, players can jump to a roof that will lead them through the Night’s Sacred Ground. Run south along this first slanted roof and hop to the ledge at the end. 

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Turn to the right and follow the ledge to the end and turn to the left. Jump down to the ledge with a corpse hanging over, and continue toward the lantern that is further ahead on the corner.

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Next, jump onto the roof of a tower that overlooks two mimic tears. Jump down and defeat them, or run past them to continue. One uses a crossbow and the other uses a mace.

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Follow the lanterns and head east onto another ledge. There will be a lantern at the end of it with a crumbling but crossable bridge leading to two windows on the other side. 

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Cross the bridge and jump into one of the windows. Jump down and proceed to the left. Behind the altar and down the hallway to the right is an Imp Statue gate. Use a Stonesword Key to unlock it. There will be an aggressive enemy with a shotel. Defeat them and open the chest to obtain the legendary Mimic Tear ashen remains.

These legendary ashen remains are worth upgrading to +10 using Ghost Glovewort. This will increase the summon’s maximum health pool and further increase its survivability.

Screengrab via FromSoftware

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