When will 1080 Snowboarding and Pilotwings 64 come to Nintendo Switch Online?

Good news for flight simulation and snowboarding fans.

Image via Nintendo

In a recent Nintendo Direct stream, nine more classic Nintendo 64 titles were confirmed for the Nintendo Switch Online service, including 1080° Snowboarding and Pilotwings 64. And the first three games are coming to the NSO + Expansion Pass tier before the end of 2022.

Pilotwings 64, an amateur flight simulation game, was one of the Nintendo 64 launch titles. It is a sequel to Pilotwings, which was a North American launch title for the SNES, and expands on the idea of its predecessor by using all of the resources available for the 1996 console. Though not as big a commercial hit as other launch games, like Super Mario 64, Pilotwings 64 was acclaimed by critics for its technical qualities and is sure to be an interesting title to play in the current generation.

As for 1080° Snowboarding, another critically-acclaimed title, it originally came out for the Nintendo 64 in 1998. Like the name itself indicates, it is a snowboarding game. A sequel named 1080° Avalanche was released in 2003, for the GameCube, but Nintendo also maintained the legacy of the series through re-releases of the original game. It was available for the Wii and WiiU Virtual Console, and it is now set to return to a new generation through Nintendo Switch Online.

When are 1080° Snowboarding and Pilotwings 64 releasing on Nintendo Switch Online?

The titles are coming out on different dates, neither of which have been confirmed by Nintendo for now. All we know so far is that Pilotwings 64 is coming first, before the end of 2022. That gives fans less than four months to get back into the classic game.

Screengrab via Nintendo

1080° Snowboarding, on the other hand, is one of the five titles confirmed for 2023, along with Mario Party 3, Excitebike 64, Pokémon Stadium, and Pokémon Stadium 2.